Get Rid Of Dryness For Good

Between the drop in humidity and the dip in the temperature, seasonal dryness affects everyone. While unsightly cracking and flaking may seem like a temporary inconvenience, this periodic condition can hold serious consequences for skin health if ignored or left untreated.
To remedy this, start by using products that target evaporation and trap moisture in the skin like Emulsion. Jojoba oil and shea butter in a unique liquid crystal formulation helps revive dry, aging or recently resurfaced skin. This added hydration can be maintained by COSMEDIX's Mystic. It contains a form of water known as heavy water (D2O) to keep the skin hydrated without clogging pores or interfering with sebaceous activity. Because it has a heavier molecular weight than regular water, heavy water stays on the skin longer and is able to resist vaporization.
While winter weather conditions are partly responsible for seasonal dry skin, it is hot, dry indoor heating that is really to blame. When we turn up the heat, we dry out the air, which, in turn, dehydrates our skin. Even if you have a healthy sebum balance, turning up the thermostat can suck moisture from your skin like a sponge. Drinking more water and using a humidifier can help.
Exfoliation can also help with dryness. Because skin cells have greater difficulty shedding in the cooler months than in the warmer ones, they build up faster and keep surface moisture from reaching the fresh, new cells below. When the cells become dehydrated and dry up, the skin starts to crack and flake. By exfoliating, you remove that top layer of dead skin and allow hydrating ingredients in. An exfoliating mask like COSMEDIX's Pure Enzymes is perfect for winter. Because it uses cranberry enzymes and chirally correct lactic acid, it moisturizes as it exfoliates to plump and protect young skin cells.
Prep for Winter Dryness
Also, for most people, winter is the perfect time to receive a professional COSMEDIX treatment or peel. When considering a peel for dry skin, keep in mind that dehydration can make peels penetrate deeper. Because dry skin tends to be more sensitive than other types, COSMEDIX's chirally correct peels will give you a rejuvenated look without irritation.