Helping Hands: The Power of Professionals

We think we know our skin best. We live with it day in and day out. We read labels on skin care products and take them home for a trial run. We mix up our own organic ingredients and slather them on our face hoping to create a miracle cure for our skin woes fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and blotchiness. However, no one knows the skin better than the people who treat it every day your skin therapist, your aesthetician. From clinical-strength corrective products to complex procedures, like peels and facials, there's a reason why the most effective treatments require a professional touch. If you're looking to visibly transform your skin's appearance, you probably have questions about which products and procedures are best for you. Fortunately, COSMEDIX skin care professionals have the tools and the know-how to help you achieve your healthiest complexion ever on the only face you have.
See Your Aesthetician
Wrinkles, dark spots, acne you know what concerns you most. However, each condition is unique and what helps one person's skin might not work for yours. Using COSMEDIX's 7-Point Skin Analysis, a COSMEDIX skin care professional can accurately identify the source of your unique skin concern. Weighing such factors as sebaceous activity, skin thickness and accumulated photodamage, a qualified skin expert can then tailor a regimen to your needs and eliminate time and money-wasting guesswork.
Facials can be used to combat a number of skin concerns including mild discoloration, lines, blemishes and oily skin. Among professional skin care's least invasive procedures, facials generally affect the upper, superficial layers of the skin and require little to no downtime. COSMEDIX facials are particularly gentle though powerful enough to produce real, noticeable change.
Unlike most peels that wound the skin with harsh chemicals, COSMEDIX professional treatments use chirally correct, natured-based ingredients to encourage healthy renewal. Known as metabolic peeling, this process can penetrate from superficial to medium depth and correct a broad range of troublesome concerns including oily, problem skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and sun damage.
Finding a Skincare Professional
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