Serein Wu's Cosmedix Skincare Treatment at Jenny Wax


During the month of October, COSMEDIX has invited a handful of beauty influencers across the nation to experience a facial treatment at their local COSMEDIX Spa Partner. Last week, beauty influencer, Serein Wu, paid a visit to Jenny Wax in Santa Monica, California for her customized treatment.
Serein's aesthetician began with an essential step to any treatment a double cleanse. She used the Cosmedix Purity Solution, which is an oil based cleanser guaranteed to remove all remains of makeup, oil buildup and other chemicals on the skin.
Next, Serein's aesthetician used an exfoliating cleanser (Purity Clean) and the Purity Detox to exfoliate and revive her skin, before moving on to extractions to professionally clear her pores without causing capillary breakage or infection.
Next, Serein's aesthetician used a combination mask of Clear and Rescue + to hydrate and draw out pore-clogging impurities from the skin.
As a final step, Affirm €“ a supercharged serum packed with peptides and antioxidants was applied to help defend against harmful free radicals.
Note that all steps in Serein's treatment were customized to her personal skin concerns. All skin types are different and the most important thing about visiting a professional aesthetician is familiarizing yourself with the perfect skincare routine for you.
See an aesthetician today and find out how to best take care of your skin!