Beauty From the Inside Out: 5 Habits for Brighter, Healthier-looking Skin!

Healthy skin is in! There is nothing better than giving your skin that "glow from within" by starting your beauty routine from the inside out. From top-rated supermodels to our favorite bloggers, we found that healthy, glowing skin is often a result of clean lifestyle habits and effective products. In today’s post, we’re dishing our tips for improving your skin’s appearance this spring!

  1. Hydrate: This may come as no surprise, but hydration is a major key to achieving a healthy glow. It’s important to consume an adequate amount of water each day for overall health, so we recommend a gallon a day for good measure. Just like other cells in the body, skin cells rely on hydration for functionality and when we deprive our skin of water, it can begin to show externally. Pro Tip: place a glass of water on your nightstand and start each morning with a burst of hydration! We've heard that adding a little lemon to your water in the morning can give you as much energy as coffee! Have you given it a try? 
  2. Clean diet: We can assume that everything we place into our bodies has potential to affect our outward appearance. Foods with high sugar can affect hormone balance and inflammation, which can lead to sagging skin, wrinkles and acne. Pro Tip: Try incorporating leafy greens, dairy-substitutes, green tea and vegetables into your diet and watch your skin transform from within. 
  3. Prioritize sleep: Stress plays a major role in the overall appearance of our skin, so getting a good night’s rest should be a top priority. Our bodies use sleep to rebalance hydration, reduce stress levels and regulate the immune system. It’s recommended that adults aim for 7-9 hours each night. Pro Tip: Ditch your electronics one hour before bedtime to fall asleep faster. 
  4. Get active: Sweating is the body’s natural form of detoxifying. As pores dilate, the skin releases toxins and buildup that could otherwise lead to blemishes. A good sweat session also reduces inflammation in the body, which regulates hormones. Pro Tip: Find a workout buddy and commit to getting active at least three times each week! 
  5. Frequent masking: While it’s important to promote skin health from within, there are several topical solutions to stubborn skincare concerns. Applying masks is a great way to supplement a skincare regime by deep cleaning the skin and unclogging pores. COSMEDIX masks are formulated with an intelligent exfoliation that allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin for maximum efficacy. Pro Tip: Try multi-masking to spot treat different facial zones based on your concerns.

 Masks We Recommend
Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask is formulated with bamboo stem extracts that gently remove the dead surface skin for improved appearance and discoloration of uneven skin tone. The exfoliating properties reveal smoother, brighter and more luminous-looking complexion. We recommend adding this mask to your nighttime routine up to three times per week for maximum benefits.
Pure Enzymes Cranberry Exfoliating Mask creates a spa-like experience at home with a nourishing combination of cranberry enzymes and lactic acid. This mask gently polishes away dead surface cells and pore-clogging impurities and in just 3-10 minutes, the Gluconic Acid activates for visibly softer and plumper skin.

Complete the Regimen

While masks are highly recommended, it’s important that you have an everyday regimen that works with the skin to improve some of the most common concerns. Below are recommended products for a 360 approach to healthy, glowing skin:
  • Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser’s award-winning formula exfoliates, decongests and cleanses the skin for visibly-improved texture. This cleanser effectively preps the skin for masks and can be applied both morning and night.
  • Protect your skin from free radical damage with the Benefit Balance Antioxidant-Infused Toning Mist. This refreshing toner contains D-guluronic acid and shea butter for lightweight moisturizer that’s suitable for all skin types.
  • Environmental stressors can lead to signs of aging with fine lines and wrinkles, so optimize your routine by incorporating the Cell ID Nutritive Defense Serum. This restorative serum is packed with oligopeptide and mitochondrial complex tripeptide to stimulate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process for brighter, healthy-looking skin.
  • Emulsion Intense Hydrator is formulated with liquid crystal technology and shea butter for deep, lasting hydration. Avoid the appearance of aging skin by applying this to your face both morning and night.