It’s time to break up with breakouts!

June is Acne Awareness Month and we’re dishing our secrets to leaving pesky blemishes, redness, uneven skin tone and irritation in the past…for good!
COSMEDIX products are formulated without unnecessary additives and harsh ingredients, so enjoy a skincare experience that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin. These acne-fighting products and skincare tips will help you take major steps towards achieving the complexion you’ve always wanted.

Acne-fighting Products

Clear: This Deep Cleansing Mask is the perfect way to supercharge your acne-fighting regimen. Apply this mask up to 3x each week for 5-10 minutes to gently draw out pore-clogging impurities and balance oil production.
Why it works: The niacinamide helps to improve skin texture and tone for a visibly smoother complexion.

This morning and night Skin Clarifying Serum is our secret weapon to eliminating acne for good. The retinol and salicylic acid work together to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores to visibly reduce breakouts.
Why it works: This powerful serum is formulated with aloe vera to soothe and calm the skin with each use.
Mystic: One of the best ways to combat irritated and inflamed skin is with a proper hydrating treatment. Mystic is a hydrating mist that helps to eliminate dry skin, reduce the appearance of oil and protect skin from environmental and free radical damage.
Why it works:This lightweight formula is packed with Sodium PCA to help boost hydration and prevent moisture loss in the skin.

Skin Sins

The outward appearance of our skin is a direct reflection of our lifestyle habits. During the next 30 days, challenge yourself to eliminate these skin sins to promote a healthy change in the skin:

  1. Drinking carbonated drinks:Due to the high sugar, sodium and caffeine that’s found in soda, the body is often left dehydrated after you drink one, which may cause breakouts or a dull-looking complexion.
    The challenge: This month swap out your favorite carbonated soda with flavored sparkling water. Satisfy your craving andpromote good skin health with this simple, yet effective hack.
  2. Not changing your pillowcases:Even if you’re diligent with your nighttime skincare routine, pillowcases harbor dust, bacteria and oil that may lead to breakouts if they are not washed regularly. The challenge: This month try switching out your pillow case twice a week for optimal results.
  3. Touching your face:From the office to our cars, grocery store, gym and more, our hands are constantly collecting germs throughout the day. When you touch your face, the germs transfer, making it easy for breakouts to surface. The challenge: For the next 30 days, make your face a strict no-touch zone outside of applying skincare with cleansed hands. 
  4. Stressing out:Ever notice how blemishes appear when stressed? That’s because our bodies release hormones when we’re stressed than can lead to excess oil and active breakouts. Ease into your day and wind down at night by indulging in a soothing and calming skincare regimen. The challenge: This June, carve out 10 minutes each morning and night to indulge in a regimen that helps you escape your daily stressors.
  5. Using the wrong products:Acne-fighting products are constantly hitting the market but using the wrong lineup could be causing your breakouts. Get to the root of the issue by consulting a skincare professional that can help build a regimen that can target your specific needs.

The challenge: Visit a skincare professional to revamp your regimen just in time for summer. To find a specialist near you, visit