Should You Switch up Your Skincare Routine from Fall to Winter?

The change from fall to winter feels like it happens in an instant. The leaves drop and, often, the humidity levels with them, leaving our skin feeling dry and dull. But just because the cooler weather gives us the chills doesn’t mean we can’t indulge our complexions with a few skincare pro tips to promote healthy-looking hydration! These COSMEDIX skincare tips and must-haves will help you make the seasonal skincare swap-out—turning “Let it snow” into “Let it glow.”

  1. Switch to a hydrating cleanser.

Proactive hydration in each step of your winter skincare routine will help reduce feelings of dryness and make for more radiant-looking skin! You need a cleanser that will wash away dirt, oil and other daily impurities without stripping the skin of much-needed hydration. We recommend Crystal Cleanse, a velvety Hydrating Cleansing Cream that simultaneously delivers hydration deep into the skin while also washing away dirt, oil and makeup to refresh the look of your complexion.

Featuring our signature COSMEDIX Liquid Crystal Technology—the very same as seen in #1 best selling Opti Crystal and fan-favorite Lumi Crystal—Crystal Cleanse pampers skin with unprecedented hydration, even after rinse-off. A botanical blend of hydrating key ingredients like Prickly Pear Extract and Coconut Oil help soften the look of skin for a more radiant look. Gentle and soothing, this cleanser is ideal for all skin types.

  1. Opt for a thicker moisturizer.

A summer moisturizer is normally very lightweight, as your skin also grabs moisture from the humid air to help stay hydrated throughout the day. As winter weather rolls in, make up for the difference in humidity by either switching out your moisturizer or supplementing it with a thicker, more lavish formula. We recommend Emulsion Intense Hydrator to help skin stay hydrated and healthy-looking.

Just because your winter skin may be dry or dehydrated, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Enter: Emulsion Intense Hydrator. This silky smooth, luxurious face moisturizing cream helps hydrate and replenish dry skin for total moisture restoration and a healthy-looking glow. It features an all-star cast of clean ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Spin Trap and Liquid Crystals to not only deeply hydrate skin, but help it retain moisture better over time. A gorgeous mauve, this intense hydrating crème is just the winter wonder your skin needs to feel moisturized all season long.

  1. Try a skin-pampering at-home peel.

Exfoliation is ultra-important in the winter due to the season’s aridity, which can cause dry, dull or dead skin (you name it) to cloud the surface of your complexion and dampen your glow. Gently polish away the dead skin to help improve the look of skin tone and texture with an at-home peel treatment! We recommend our long-awaited PHA Hydration Peel Refining Exfoliator, as it helps reveal the next layer of skin with a hydrating exfoliation experience.

Formulated with a gentle, skin-loving blend of polyhydroxy and alpha hydroxy acids, the PHA Hydration Peel helps soften, smooth and brighten the appearance of skin for a more even-looking complexion. Combining gentle exfoliation and hydration, this easy-to-use Refining Exfoliator helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for age-defying results. Some winter days, there is absolutely nothing more tempting than staying bundled up in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa in hand. Take 10 minutes for self-care with this illuminating at-home peel that’s gentle enough for all skin types.

  1. Coat lips in lavish hydration.

There is nothing worse than dry, chapped or cracked lips that are all-too-common in the dry winter months. While a lip balm can help soothe lips, sometimes you need a heavy duty hydrator to help keep dry lips at bay. We recommend indulging your pout in an ultra-hydrating lip treatment, like Lumi Crystal Liquid Crystal Lip Hydrator, to help hydrate and replenish lips with essential moisture.

Featuring deeply hydrating Liquid Crystal Technology and a plumping peptide, Lumi Crystal Lip Hydrator instantly transforms the look of lips and deeply conditions for a rejuvenated, softer-looking pout. Unlike a basic balm or gloss, this prismatic iridescent lip topper also helps soften and plump the look of fine lines and wrinkles—sealing in long-lasting moisture with a high-shine finish.

  1. Invest in a moisturizing hand cream.

Hands are one of the first places to feel dry as the weather gets chillier outside. While you likely have a bottle of lotion hanging around your bathroom counter somewhere, what you need is an intensely hydrating cream that truly conditions the tough skin on your hands—not just for a few minute’s relief, but for long-lasting hydration… especially after all this hand washing. We recommend Replenish Hand Cream, the Intensely Nourishing Hand Treatment packed with potent skin care ingredients to deeply hydrate dry hands.

Formulated with a ceramide, niacinamide, nutrient-rich Almond Oil and a powerhouse peptide, Replenish Hand Cream is designed to deeply hydrate dry hands while restoring the appearance of firmer-looking, more even-toned skin. The velvety formula of this Intensely Nourishing Hand Treatment leaves skin feeling uber-hydrated and soft—never greasy—for fast-absorbing moisture that visibly brightens the look of dark spots, helping hands to feel soothed and smoothed.