The Many Ways to Use Mystic

There are usually a number of skin issues that we come across to keep it healthy, glowing and breakout free. Finding a skincare product that can be used for more than one skin issue can be difficult but there is a product that adds ultra-moisturization and primes your skin: Mystic.

Mystic Hydrating Treatment is one of the most versatile skincare products in the COSMEDIX family and we want to remind you of how you can use it in various ways for cleansing or just for a refreshing skin pick-me-up. It not only helps keep your skin happy by helping you keep blemishes away and hydration high for a clear and younger-looking complexion.

Mystic has so many uses and offers so many benefits to your skin that it can be used for so many reasons. Before you head out for your day, always apply a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and protected from environmental stressors and free radical damage that add years to your skin. As a standalone moisturizer, Mystic refreshes and protects for the time you spend out and about living a healthy life. Wearing Mystic underneath your makeup as a setting spray helps keep your look in place all day or night by preventing moisture loss so your skin stays hydrated.

After your visits to the gym, Mystic not only refreshes your face but it’s equally as great as a body spritzer. Just a few spritzes can keep you fresh for a few hours before you hit the showers. The formula for Mystic includes the cleansing power of Witch Hazel which makes it a cleansing and effective toner that gives your skin a glow that lasts for hours at a time. Conditioning moisturizers help attract and retain the moisture you need in your skin.

Another fun tip to adding Mystic to your skincare routine in these hot summer months is to refrigerate the bottle for a blast of cool mist with every spray! Keep your skin’s health in check by adding the versatility of Mystic to your daily regimen. The invigorating and ultra-conditioning formula that can moisturize, prime and cool your skin in one bottle.