Brighter Ideas: Plant-Based Brighteners That Are Better Than Hydroquinone

Dark spots, age spots and other discoloration is a reality for millions of women and men. However, the concept and practice of brightening the skin is far from new. For decades, skin care professionals have sought to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Some worked - others delivered mixed results. Many, however, carried risks that far exceeded their benefits.
An admittedly effective solution once widely used has proven to be a controversial one. Hydroquinone is a powerful compound that inhibits the Tyrosinase enzyme €” the enzyme responsible for melanin overproduction and helps reduce the appearance of discoloration. Many countries have banned the use of Hydroquinone because of possible toxicity to carcinogenic behavior. Brightening products in the U.S. may still use over the counter concentrations up to two percent and at higher doses from professional sources.
Instead, COSMEDIX uses plant-based brighteners with proven results. Our Simply Brilliant serum, for example, targets melanin overproduction with ten plant-based ingredients, including Waltheria and White Daisy extracts. It also includes exfoliating lactic acid to increase turnover of discolored areas to help the skin repair itself. With all brightening treatment, proper sun protection is required. Nevertheless, brighter days are ahead.