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    17 products
    pure enzymes cranberry exfoliating mask
    Pure Enzymes
    2oz clear deep cleansing mask 2022 dermascope award winner
    rescue intense hydrating balm and mask in blue bottle on white background
    detox activated charcoal clarifying mask
    dark blue swatch swatch
    Glow bamboo brightening mask for skincare routine
    creamy mask swatch
    Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask PM
    5 sheet mask set of microbiome sheet mask on white background
    single sheet mask on white background
    restore moisture-rich mask on white background
    creamy and hydrating moisture mask swatch on white background
    bio-cellulose radiant and rejuvenating sheet mask set
    energize sheet mask vitamin c-infused sheet mask
    Enhance lip-plumping mask with cap off
    hydrating lip plumping mask swatch image
    mask applicator brush
    detox charcoal mask with applicator brush
    Dual-Sided Silicone Mask Applicator
    Clear deep cleansing mask smaller size
    ultimate hydration kit restore moisture rich mask and surge hyaluronic acid booster duo
    moisture mask and hyaluronic acid booster duo with silver and white box
    Ultimate Hydration Kit
    At-Home Spa Routine
    DIY At-Home Facial
    detox activated charcoal mask 1.3 oz
    activated charcoal dark blue mask swatch
    At COSMEDIX, we believe skincare should have good-for-you ingredients and beautiful textures, particularly in a luxury face mask, lip mask or balm. Using a face mask or lip mask is therapeutic. It can feel good to care about the health of your complexion and skincare needs. Using skin care products that can better your complexion, like a charcoal mask, a blackhead mask, a clay mask, a hydrating face mask or a face mask with skin brightening ingredients is one of the easiest ways to get supple skin. Ask any beauty-obsessed celebrity or aesthetician! Healthy skin and glowing skin is always in. Your skin care routine can always benefit from a face mask, balm, lip plumper or lip mask with skincare ingredients. Experiment and discover the best face mask for you. A winter face mask is always a good moisturizing addition to your skin care routine if you suffer from dry skin. A hydrating balm with shea butter and cherry extract that acts as a face mask can help calm redness, dry skin and sensitive skin. A charcoal mask made with Diatomaceous Earth, charcoal and kaolin clay is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin and help clarify the look of clogged pores. A skin tightening face mask made with a peptide can help with loose skin or saggy skin and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. Whether you have normal skin, combination skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, sun spots, age spots or acne-prone skin, there is a face mask or balm that works with your skin care routine.
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