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    14 products
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    Eye doctor high potency eye treatment cap on for spa exclusive
    eye doctor eye serum multi-colored swatch
    Eye Doctor
    alt-a daily rejuvenating moisturizer for spa exclusive
    creamy rejuvenating moisturizer swatch
    awaken replenishing gel mask for spa exclusive
    gel mask swatch on white background
    Awaken AM/PM
    gentle clean soothing skin cleanser for spa exclusive
    soothing cleanser swatch
    Gentle Clean
    x-cell+ brightening serum featuring lg-retinex for spa exclusive
    orange reintol serum swatch on white background
    X-Cell+ AM/PM
    serum 24 rapid renewal complex featuring LG-retinex for spa exclusive
    light orange spa exclusive serum swatch
    Serum 24
    x-age moisturizer with encapsulated vitamin a for aging skin as spa exclusive
    creamy anti-aging swatch image
    RX clean exfoliating cleanser for spa exclusive
    light green cleanser swatch
    RX Clean
    Reduce soothing relief serum for spa exclusive
    creamy swatch on white background
    i-complex advanced eye gel for spa exclusive with cap on
    pink eye gel swatch image on white background
    relief soothing peptide gel for spa exclusive
    peptide gel light yellow swatch
    Surface Revival
    Revive and Renew

    Indulge in the high-potency ingredients found in COSMEDIX Elite. This formerly spa-exclusive COSMEDIX Elite collection is now available at COSMEDIX.com No prescriptions needed! Indulge in high-performance Elite Skincare formulated with plant-based ingredients you know and love with the next level results your complexion craves. Our COSMEDIX Elite line consists of next level, step-up skincare products that are formulated with a concentrated blend of key ingredients with clinical level results, so you can help improve the look of your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reveal a healthier-looking complexion—all without the doctor’s orders. Not sure which COSMEDIX Elite product you need, check out our Elite step-up guide! Formulated with high-level active ingredients that are gentle, yet deliver next level clinical results, COSMEDIX Elite skin care ensures maximum efficiency with optimal results for an exclusive skin care experience in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your cleanser, toner, moisturizer, skin care face mask, peel game, post treatment at home skin care treatment or more, the COSMEDIX Elite skin care collection is sure to have what your skin tone and skin type craves and needs! Finally, you can explore skincare products with higher ingredient levels from the comfort of your home and for in-between spa and post spa treatment. Try COSMEDIX Elite skin care today!

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