Debunking Skin Myths

It's hard to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to skin care. With an ever-increasing desire to improve the health and appearance of your skin, let's explore some of the most pervasive falsehoods and a few enlightening truths.

Myth No.1

Cucumbers contain special ingredients to treat puffy eyes and under eye bags.
This home remedy is tried, but not true. Cucumber slices may feel refreshing, but they  do not contain special ingredients to reduce under eye bags and puffiness. It's the chilled, high water content found in cucumber that can sometimes decrease puffiness.  Coconut extract and liquid crystals found in Opti Crystal are more effective at replenishing natural reserves and nourishing the skin around the eye area. Eye Genius has a peptide blend and light-reflecting mica to help brighten for a bright-eyed and awake look. It's formula combats dark circles and puffy eyes as it conditions and repairs delicate eye skin with potent, clinically tested ingredients. These are a much more effective methods for brighter and rejuvenated eyes.

Myth No.2

A good cleanser should foam on the skin.
Many of us have been taught that if your cleanser foams it's working. Not only is this false, but it is hazardous to your skin. For example, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a highly effective foaming agent €” chemically known as a surfactant €” that is found in 90 percent of all commercial soaps and shampoos. Due to its abrasive chemical makeup, SLS is also found in floor cleaners, laundry detergents and engine degreasers. This is why COSMEDIX excludes this ingredient from our products. Although our cleaners may not foam up like you expect, they are very effective in cleansing your skin.

Try Purity Clean, Benefit Clean or Purity Solution instead.

Myth No. 3

Sunscreen is not required during the winter.
A cold, overcast day is not the nature's sunscreen. Approximately 30 to 40 percent of UV rays will penetrate through clouds €” no matter the season €”  leaving your skin vulnerable to the damaging effects of sun exposure including sunburn, unsightly wrinkles and more serious health concerns. In the winter, snow can reflect up to 85 percent of the UV radiation that reaches it, which means we are still exposed during this time of year. Furthermore, powerful UVA rays can easily penetrate through windows. So, remember to apply an SPF even if you are staying inside.
Try Reflect, Peptide-Rich Defense and Hydrate +.

Myth No.4

The best way to deal with oily skin is to dry it out.
Oily skin is a sign of dehydrated skin. Oily skin needs moisture. Hydration helps calm, soothe and support the dermal matrix that keeps skin supple and helps to maintain a proper pH balance. Attempting to dry out your complexion will strip the epidermis of its natural, vital oils and will lead to rough, flaky skin, clogged pores and inflammation. Instead of washing your face with harsh ingredients, wash with a mild, exfoliating cleanser to slough off dead skin cells without over-drying such as Purity Clean or Benefit Clean. Remember, the goal is to bring balance to the skin, not to strip it away.