Get to Know COSMEDIX

In the mid 1990s, professional skin care offered few corrective options capable of safely transforming the skin's appearance without harsh irritation. While natural products smelled wonderful, they lacked the power to treat serious concerns. Meanwhile, cosmeceutical products that could produce results often did so by damaging the skin, leaving potentially long-term consequences.
Unsatisfied with skin care products, a group of forward-thinking aestheticians, physicians and chemists came together with one goal in mind: to create a skin care line capable of delivering visible results with botanical ingredients and reduced irritation. However, they soon discovered why no such formulas existed. The chemistry needed was far more complex than most formulators could handle. Highly purified, plant-based ingredients were expensive, hard to come by and nearly impossible to stabilize.
Unwilling to give up, the group continued to invest into what would become one of the most complex and effective professional skin care lines in the industry: COSMEDIX. Their one-of-a-kind formulas answered significant technical challenges by focusing on four core pillars:
  • chiral correction
  • better botanicals
  • exfoliation
  • skin matrix support
What is chiral correction?
COSMEDIX uses a pharmaceutical-grade purification process known as chiral correction to select only the molecular form of an ingredient that benefits the skin. This process produces formulas designed for optimal efficacy and safety.
Why botanical ingredients?
Combining the very best of science and nature including plant-based actives, all-natural colors and pure essential oils COSMEDIX formulas deliver powerful results with reduced irritation. However, what is omitted from a formula is often just as important as what's included. In addition to being the industry's leader in plant-based skin care, COSMEDIX stands apart by using no animal byproducts, parabens, chemical fragrances or artificial dyes.
Why is exfoliation important?
Exfoliation is the key to optimal penetration and efficacy. Exfoliants work by sloughing away the rough outer layer so that ingredients like retinoids and growth factors are able to better penetrate the skin and trigger cellular renewal. Proper exfoliation, however, is a fine balance. Overly aggressive actives, like Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid, can cause unnecessary inflammation. Instead of these harsh ingredients, COSMEDIX uses naturally occurring Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHAs and BHAs), Protease Enzymes and Retinoids to stimulate turnover without causing excessive damage or discomfort.
What is skin matrix support?
To effectively fight the signs of aging, a skincare regimen must support the skin on three levels: the cell, the cell membrane and the extracellular matrix. Oxidative stress, DNA damage, mitochondrial burnout, glycation and inflammation can deteriorate the skin's structure and break down cellular defenses at each level, so products that support optimal performance and regeneration is critical. Combining pure, nature-based ingredients with perfect chemistry, COSMEDIX consistently delivers noticeably smoother, softer, younger-looking skin without the long-term complications.