Save Your Skin From Free Radical Damage With This Ingredient

While it seems the term antioxidant is used to promote everything from vitamin supplements to dark chocolate, few people understand what makes this unique property so beneficial. As the body's first line of defense against oxidation €” a chemical response that can produce cell-damaging free radicals €” antioxidants inhibit potentially destructive reactions before they have a chance to snowball out of control.
The human body produces antioxidants naturally and acquires them through dietary sources. However, environmental factors and lifestyle choices greatly increase free radical production and can quickly use up the body's natural levels of antioxidants. When environmental threats (i.e. UV rays and pollution) and lifestyle choices (i.e. smoking, excessive drinking and poor diet) overwhelm the body with free radicals and exhaust its antioxidant reserves, it often leads to a condition known as oxidative stress. This plays a major role in the loss of firmness, smoothness and luminosity in the skin.
Many skin care products allegedly have antioxidant properties that constantly rebuild the body's antioxidant supply. The type €” not the quantity €” of antioxidant is what truly makes a difference. Glutathione is a tripeptide that is produced in the liver and consumed in leafy greens such as spinach and purslane. Glutathione works in conjunction with other antioxidants to effectively rid the body of excess free radicals. By maintaining a healthy supply of glutathione in the body, the threat of oxidative stress and free radical damage is greatly diminished, creating a healthier internal environment and keeping skin from aging before its time.


COSMEDIX has rendered this essential ingredient even more effective in many COSMEDIX products.
Benefit Balance | ANTIOXIDANT PREP
A powerful antioxidant and environmental protection solution, Benefit Balance boosts the skin's free radical defenses to prevent the signs of premature aging. Suitable for all skin types, this preventive formula refreshes and tones the skin, while chirally correct L-glutathione mops up excess free radicals to keep it safe, healthy and radiant.
Containing a unique blend of collagen stimulators, Trehalose and supportive remodeling ingredients, this nourishing repair serum is the ideal choice for mature and/or damaged skin. Fortified with L-Glutathione, Radiance offers superior protection against free radicals and aging, while stimulating collagen and elastin production to restore the skin's youthful glow.
This antioxidant superserum is packed with more than ten skin-specific antioxidants, including L-glutathione. A perennial bestseller, Affirm is ideal for preventing and correcting the appearance of photodamage€”the no. 1 cause of premature aging.