At-Home Chemical Peels Vs. Peels in the Treatment Room

A facial peel is a treatment that either you perform at home or you get done in a treatment room by a certified aesthetician to remove the top layer of the skin to reveal fresh, clean skin underneath. While this may sound intimidating, have no fear! At COSMEDIX, we offer several different types of peels so you can find one that works best with your skin type. In this blog, we are going to be going through pre/post peel treatment, different types of peels, and what to expect post-peel with the help of COSMEDIX education director Lynnette Cole.

Peel Prep

Before debating if you want to do a peel or not, it is important to that your skin is properly prepped to ensure that you get the best results from your chosen peel. Our Treatment Prep Starter Kit helps prepare your skin for the next step. This peel prep helps loosen and exfoliate dead and damaged skin while helping to improve skin tone and improve hydration. This 4-Piece Kit includes:

At-Home Peels

If you want to perform a peel from the comfort of your home, we have some options for you! At-home peels contain less active ingredients than peels that you would receive from an aesthetician while still providing exfoliation for the skin. Keep reading to see what COSMEDIX Education Director Lynnette Cole said regarding the benefits of two different at home peels.

  • PHA Hydration Peel
  • If you want to perform a peel at home without having to go to a professional treatment room, our PHA Hydration Peel is for you! This Refining Exfoliator peel helps to gently exfoliate dull, dead skin to help illuminate the appearance of your complexion. Formulated with PHA, Lactobionic Acid and Phytic Acid, this at-home peel helps soften, smooth, and brighten the appearance of skin.
  • We asked COSMEDIX Educator Lynette Cole about at-home peels, and she said, “The PHA Hydration Peel is infused with antioxidants to help hydrate yet is an effective at home peel that exfoliates and smooths the skin. Apply PHA Hydration Peel after cleansing and let the gentle multi-acid formula “do it’s thang” to help minimize fine lines and dark spots.”
  • Pure Enzymes

  • Continuing in our conversation with Lynette, she said that Pure Enzymes often gets overlooked as an at-home treatment. Pure Enzymes is a Cranberry Exfoliating Mask that gently polishes away dead, dull surface skin to help reveal a softer, more radiant-looking complexion.
  • When asked about Pure Enzymes, Lynette said: “The skin may be more sensitive to the sun [for at least 24 hours] post exfoliation, so you’ll want to monitor your lifestyle activities, wear sunscreen, and perhaps take a pause for a day or two from using any active ingredients, including Retinol. With Pure enzymes, you may not experience flaking or peeling at all, and that’s ok, it really comes down to the how your skin looks and feels.”

The Difference in Professional Peels

COSMEDIX offers several different peels depending on which salon you visit. Our peels vary from level 1 to level 2 depending on the strength of the peel. Level 1 peels use more natural forms of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) to help exfoliate away dead skin cells. Level 2 peels are much more powerful and provide medium depth resurfacing to help the skin appear tighter and smoother. With Level 2 Peels, a 10-day pre-treatment is required due to the intensity of the treatment.

Level 1 Peels

  • Pomegranate Peel | Hydrating Exfoliating Peel

Recommended for aging skin, blemish-prone skin, and hyperpigmentation

A pick-me-up for most skin types that is formulated with L-Lactic Acid, Resveratrol and Pomegranate Seed Oil that helps to gently exfoliate the skin to leave skin more radiant, renewed, and dewy looking.

  • Blueberry Smoothie | Polishing Antioxidant Peel

Recommended for oily skin and/or blemish prone skin

Part L-Lactic Acid exfoliant, part manual scrub, this treatment helps smooth and soften rough, uneven skin for a balanced-looking complexion and smoother texture.

Level 2 Peels

  • Blueberry Jessner | Jessner Peel

A potent peel formulated with Salicylic Acid, L-Lactic Acid and Blueberry Extract that helps remove impurities, reduce visible blemishes, lift away stubborn dark spots and smooth over lines and wrinkles.

  • Deep Sea Peel | Stimulating Herbal Peel

A non-acid peel formulated with Seaweed Extract and Sea Herbs that utilizes manual exfoliation to help resurface the skin, lifting away stubborn dark spots and helping to soften the look of acne scarring.

Post Peel

Taking care of your skin after you receive a peel is uber important as your skin requires a little more TLC than usual. Our Post Treatment Starter Kit contains moisturizing skincare that helps to soothe skin by helping to reduce redness and increase hydration. This post-peel kit helps to ensure that your skin is receiving adequate moisture and protection so your recovery process is more comfortable. The 4-piece kit includes:

  • Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser: An ultra-gentle facial cleanser that helps to lift away dirt, oil, impurities and stubborn makeup while also helping to soothe and hydrate the complexion.
  • Cell ID Nutritive Defense Serum: A restorative serum that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots for a healthier-looking complexion.
  • P.R. Skin Recovering Serum: An ultra-soothing serum formulated with powerhouse antioxidants, peptides and plant-based extracts that helps to deliver intense hydration and replenishment to sensitive, post-procedure skin.
  • Hydrate+ Broad Spectrum SPF 17 Moisturizing Sunscreen: A moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 17 that hydrates and replenishes skin with essential moisture to help promote a brighter, healthier-looking complexion.

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