Beauty Writers and Editors Must-Have COSMEDIX Products

COSMEDIX skincare is making waves across social media! We are always excited when our products are featured by beauty writers and editors as being some of “the best of the best” in skincare, so this week on the blog we wanted to round up some of the most recent articles our products have been featured in


“We’ve Tested Hundreds of Skincare Brands—These Are the Best of the Best” on

Eye Doctor is an age-defying High-Potency Eye Treatment serum with 0.07% Retinol and Liquid Crystal Technology that replenishes moisture and helps improve the look of fine lines and thinning skin around the eyes for a more youthful-looking appearance. See what Sacha Strebe, Editorial Director, has to say about Eye Doctor below:

“I have been using COSMEDIX for over 10 years now because they have high-performance ingredients and do what they say,” says Sacha Strebe. “I swear by their toner and Eye Doctor High-Potency Eye Treatment, which also doubles as a highlighter thanks to the brand’s special Liquid Crystal.”

“TikTok Loves an "Everything Shower"—Here Are 19 Items You Need for the Trend” on

Body Clean is more than just a body wash! This Niacinamide infused body cleanser gently cleanses without stripping skin of moisture or leaving behind a residue. Body Clean helps hydrate and helps protect the skin from environmental stressors, and we are so glad that it is an “everything shower” fav! See what News Writer Kaitlyn McLintock says about Body Clean below:

"I've been obsessed with this new Body Clean Clarifying Gel Body Cleanser from COSMEDIX since it arrived in the mail! The formula is so luxuriously foamy, silky, and hydrating,” says Kaitlyn McLintock. “It makes my skin feel like butter, even after I wash it off."

“Estheticians Are Begging You to Use This Type of Serum for Soft, Smooth Skin” on

Surface Revival is our ultra-hydrating Antioxidant Boosting Toner with Niacinamide and an age-defying Mushroom and Red Algae extract for smoother-looking skin tone and texture. This serum is great for improving the look of skin tone and texture, and we are so glad it worked for Associate Beauty Editor Shawna Hudson! See what she says about Surface Revival below:

“Although Surface Revival is technically a toner, I'd call this a toner-serum hybrid. The texture definitely feels like a serum, but it exfoliates powerfully and gently with Lactic Acid and provides antioxidant protection to the skin,” says Shawna Hudson. “I use this twice a day and let me tell you—the texture and tone of my skin have improved dramatically. It also contains Niacinamide to help with dark spots, hydration, and barrier repair, so it's great for anyone struggling with dehydration or moisture-barrier damage.”

“How I Treat Hyperpigmentation from Head-to-Toe” on

A-Lift is our nutrient-rich Overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment lotion for an all-over healthier-looking glow. The powerful proprietary ingredient, LG-Retinex, combines two forms of Vitamin A—Retinol and Retinal—to gently exfoliate skin on the legs, chest, arms, and torso, revealing a softer, firmer-looking complexion over time. We are so happy that Kayla, an award-winning journalist, saw the results she was looking for! See what she has to say about A-Lift below:

“Once I’m out of the shower, COSMEDIX’s A-Lift Overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment is a must,” says Kayla Greaves. “I use it around three times a week when there are no other exfoliants in the mix. Ingredients like 25% LG-Retinex have made any marks on my back and chest a thing of the past.”

“25 Products We're Using to Bring Our Favorite Summer Trends to Life” on

Polish is a Dual-Action, skin-invigorating exfoliating Body Scrub that gently buffs away dull, dead skin with each use to reveal a radiant-looking complexion that’s velvety-smooth to the touch. We are glad that Aimee Simeon, Senior Editor at Byrdie, is getting the silky-smooth results she wanted! See what she says about Polish below:

“Thanks to pregnancy hormones, my Keratosis Pilaris has gotten worse. To manage the bumpy texture on my arms and back (especially before bikini season), I've been using targeted body products like this new COSMEDIX Polish scrub,” says Aimee Simeon. “It's formulated with Pumice and Jojoba Beads to physically remove dead skin, while Lactic Acid deeply exfoliates. I've been using it for a few weeks and am pleased with the progress so far, so I'll stick with it for the summer months, too.”

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