Expert-Approved Product Pairs


We’re sure you’ve heard that October is National Aesthetician Month by now—we can’t stop talking about it! This time every year, COSMEDIX takes this time to give back to the aestheticians who work tirelessly to help transform and protect our skin—all while building a deeper awareness around their practice.

This year, we’re excited to partner with a few of our acclaimed aestheticians—Kasey Boone, Matthew Miller and Ryan Christopher—to put together three hand-picked bundles featuring their favorite product duos. The best part? They’re 20% OFF during the month of October. Seriously, run! 

Kasey’s Bundle


First up is a luxe pair curated by Kasey Boone—owner and head aesthetician at Glow Skincare in LA.. Kasey’s bundle includes Opti Crystal, our #1 bestselling Liquid Crystal Eye Serum formulated with skin-loving ingredients to help reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin around the eye area. The Glow Skincare Mini Cold Roller completes the duo by assisting with the application of Opti Crystal—the stainless steel tool pushes the iridescent eye serum deep into the skin while tightening and de-puffing the under eye area. Sign us up! 

Kasey’s take: 

"Opti Crystal is my all-time favorite eye serum! It really brightens and hydrates my eye area. I love it so much, I use it morning and night alongside my Glow Skincare Mini Cold Rollers—which help de-puff and encourage product penetration."

Mattew Miller’s Bundle


Next is an everyday skin-nourishing duo from Matthew Miller of Matthew Miller Skin in LA and NYC. Mathew’s picks consist of Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser and Surge Hyaluronic Acid Booster—the ultimate day and night combo for all skin types. Your skin will be left feeling soft, healthy and uber clean after cleansing with our bestselling Benefit Clean. It washes away dirt, oil, makeup and impurities while helping to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Surge then deeply hydrates your skin to help visibly plump and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Matthew’s take: 

“Benefit Clean is amazing at deep cleansing the skin without stripping it. It’s my go-to for any skin type or condition! I also LOVE Surge. This lightweight formulation contains three types of Hyaluronic Acid, so everyone can stay hydrated without feeling weighed down. Surge also contains Niacinamide and Kiwi Water, so it’s beneficial for brightening and keeping the skin barrier balanced.”



Ryan Christopher’s Bundle


Last but not least is this multi-masking duo from Ryan Christopher, the Global Director of Education for COSMEDIX. Ryan chose his favorite mask pairing for his bundle—our exfoliating Pure Enzymes Cranberry Exfoliating Mask and award-winning Detox Activated Charcoal Mask. Pure Enzymes exfoliates the skin to help polish away dull surface cells and pore-clogging impurities with the combination of cranberry enzymes and lactic acid. Layering on Detox continues the exfoliation process while calming the skin. Say hello to clearer, brighter-looking complexion and a healthy-looking glow. 

Ryan’s take: 

“I love both of these products individually and how they work together to smooth and decongest the skin! For years I have been using Pure Enzymes as my weekly nighttime exfoliant to keep the skin feeling smooth and looking bright. When Detox Mask was being developed, I saw a match made in heaven! It contains activated charcoal and nutritious clays that will adhere to dead skin, excess oil, and blackheads when dry. It made complete sense to me as an aesthetician that these two products could work synergistically for amazing results. The lactic acid and cranberry enzymes in Pure Enzymes first work to loosen congested skin on the surface. The layered Detox will dry and continue the exfoliation process while also calming any excess circulation. You will feel an immediate change in texture and experience increased hydration. This is an excellent treatment to do once a week to maintain clean, bright and smooth skin!” 

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