Introducing our COSMEDIX Crew!

Because COSMEDIX is a brand that is well known in spas throughout the country, we wanted to round up our COSMEDIX Crew! This Crew is a group of Estheticians across the country that have been using COSMEDIX products in their spas and are proud supporters of our brand. This week in the blog, we are going to go through members of our COSMEDIX Crew and share a bit about their spa, as well as their top COSMEDIX treatment or product.

Nikki Nixon

Nikki Nixon | Peoria, AZ

Nikki Nixon is the founder of The Lash & Skin Lounge and is a licensed Esthetician of 17+ years. Her salon focuses on enhancing natural beauty with facial treatments and eyelash extensions. Nikki’s favorite COSMEDIX product is the Deep Sea Peel as it helps to reduce the appearance of an uneven skin tone for softer, smoother-looking skin.

Kelsey Burton

Kelsey Burton | Lafeyette, IN

Kelsey Burton is the lead Esthetician and co-owner of the Violet Grey Studio that she opened in 2019 where she specializes in facials and creating customized skincare regimens for her clients. Kelsey is passionate about skincare and her favorite treatment for clients is the Blueberry Smoothie Polishing Antioxidant Exfoliating Treatment to help soften rough, uneven skin to give the client a more balanced-looking complexion and a smoother texture.

Natalia Barzotti

Natalia Barzotti | Rossmoor, CA

Natalia Barzotti is a Master Esthetician with 11+ years of experience practicing skincare on clients as well as teaching other Estheticians about skincare. Natalia is the ownder of Beauty Lab Skincare and her favorite COSMEDIX treatment is the Deep Sea Peel because it helps give her clients glowy, healthy-looking skin.

Rosalind Michelle

Rosalind Michelle | Stone Mountain, GA

Rosalind Michelle is the owner of Rosalind Michelle Skin Co where she is an Acne Specialist and focuses on giving clients personalized facials and helping them achieve their skin goals. One of her favorite COSMEDIX treatments is the Deep Sea Peel, which helps her clients with dark spots for radiant-looking skin.

Erin Warnock-Main

Erin Warnock-Main | Reno, NC

Erin Warnock-Main is a licensed Esthetician and is the owner of Geollennial, which is a gua sha and skincare tool company, and Geo Skin and Wellness, where she specializes in gua sha facials. Erin’s favorite COSMEDIX treatment is the Pomegranate Peel to help exfoliate and brighten her clients’ skin.

Merrick O’Bryant

Merrick O’Bryant | Seattle, WA

Merrick O’Bryant is a Master Esthetician and is the owner of Lucid Aesthetix where she helps clients troubleshoot skin concerns and gain confidence in their skin. Merrick’s favorite treatment she performs on clients is the Blueberry Jessner Peel to help reduce blemishes and help smooth the skin.

Jessica Phillips

Jessica Phillips | Sitka, AK

Jessica Phillips has 9+ years of experience in the Esthetician field and is the owner of Lash Amore Beauty Lounge where she offers eyelash extensions, skincare treatments, and more. Jessica’s favorite treatment from COSMEDIX is the Pomegranate Peel because it helps moisturize and smooth the look of skin.  

Gillian Pringle

Gillian Pringle | Claremont, GA

Gillian Pringle is an Esthetician with over 11 years of experience and is the owner of ISLASkinStudio where she creates custom skincare for her clients with results-driven treatments. Gillian’s favorite COSMEDIX product is the Zinc Defense Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 because she sees the impact of not wearing SPF and wants to help clients protect their skin.

Lynn Gallagher

Lynn Gallagher | Philadelphia, PA

Lynn Gallagher is an Esthetician at Note to Self Wellness, which is a modern spa that emphasizes clean and superior products for their clients. Lynn was voted the Best of Philly 2022 Esthetician for her focused facials! Lynn’s favorite COSMEDIX treatment is the Clarity Peel because it helps lift away dull surface skin for a brighter-looking appearance.

Shamina Hayes

Shamina Hayes | Rochelle, NY

Shamina Hayes has 6+ years of experience as an Esthetician and opened SkinHanced, a luxury skincare boutique that specializes in corrective treatments and skincare education. Shamina’s favorite COSMEDIX product is the Micro Defense Microbiome Sheet Mask Set and says it is her go to mask when she needs to focus on repairing the skins barrier.

We love seeing these COSMEDIX Crew women share their love of clean skincare with clients at their spas! To find a COSMEDIX spa near you, use our spa finder tool on our website. To shop COSMEDIX products to elevate your daily routine, or other bestselling skincare products, head to