New Year, New You, New Skincare?

Hello, 2019! Ringing in the new year is always the perfect time to go out with the old and in with the new. Declutter your life—and your beauty cabinet—for a fresh start to the year. COSMEDIX’s carefully curated starter kits help introduce you to key sku’s that can address common skincare concerns, like acne, aging, discoloration, dryness and more. Get started on a new regimen to help achieve your best complexion yet! Complete with compact, trail-size components, these essential starter kits introduce your skin to transformative formulas before the commitment, so you can mix-and-match your routine for a customize solution to meet your skincare needs. 

Jumpstart—or simply revamp—your skincare regimen by choosing from one of the following $40 starter kits that each include a cleanser, moisturizer and serums that work together to help create the most desirable results. 

Post Treatment Starter Kit 
Benefit Clean, Cell ID, C.P.R., Hydrate +
Getting to the spa for a treatment is step one, but the aftercare is just as important. Treat your post-treatment skin to this regimen that includes nourishing skincare that helps relieve sensitive skin by reducing the appearance of redness and helping to restore vital nutrients. This soothing kit ensures that skin is replenished and protected for a natural recovery process with minimized downtown and irritation. 

Normal Skin Starter Kit 
Benefit Clean, Affirm, Define, Emulsion 
Don’t let normal skin be difficult to treat! This 4-piece kit comes with everything you need to enhance your skin for a smoother, firmer and radiant-looking complexion. With this exfoliation and hydration-focused set, skin will appear healthier-looking with the help of COSMEDIX’s proprietary smoothing and moisture-improving technology. Gently wash away the day and restore vital moisture with this essential kit that’s suitable for all skin types to enjoy. 

Treatment Prep Starter Kit 
Purity Clean, Simply Brilliant, Define, Hydrate+
If one of your resolutions was to take better care of your skin—look no further than this kit! Prepare your skin for the next step in your COSMEDIX treatment plan with this 4-piece kit that’s designed to help loosen and exfoliate away dead and damaged skin, while also helping to improve skin tone and restore hydration. This prep kit includes sunscreen to help protect new and refreshed skin from sunburn and prevent future damage caused by UV rays. Within 10 to 30 days, your skin with be prepped for an aesthetician-approved level 2 treatment. 

Combination Skin Starter Kit 
Purity Clean, Define, Clarity, Mystic 
This specially designed start kit helps exfoliate, decongest and restore hydration to oily and blemish-prone skin without the unwanted irritation. Gentle, yet powerful, exfoliators help improve the look of skin texture, while clarifying ingredients help minimize the appearance of problematic skin for a healthier-looking complexion. 

Sensitive Skin Starter Kit
Benefit Clean, C.P.R., Rescue+, Hydrate+
Don’t let sensitive skin block your skincare blessings with this highly effective starter kit that helps reduce the appearance of redness with soothing formulas. Help encourage skin recovery, while also protecting skin from environmental stressors that could otherwise lead to additional sensitivity. 

Even Skin Tone Starter Kit 
Purity Clean, Simply Brilliant, Serum 16, Hydrate+
Say goodbye to the days of pesky dark spots and discoloration with this starter kit that fights back against discoloration, hyperpigmentation and sun spots with gentle brightening agents that are perfect for day and night. Help restore the skin to its natural, even tone without leaving it splotchy with this transformative kit that’s suitable for all skin tones. 

Age-defying Starter Kit
Benefit Clean, Cell ID, Serum 16, Emulsion 
Aging is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean our skin has to take a hit! This collection of age-management skincare addresses some of the most common signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and lackluster skin tone and texture. Each product is designed to help improve the appearance of skin by helping to smooth, hydrate and restore for your best complexion at any age. 

What are your 2019 skincare goals?