SKIP THE FOUNDATION This is how you get flawlessly contoured skin.

What if we could take back our mornings? What if we didn't have to spend so much time slathering on primers, concealers, foundations and contour powders? What if we could be comfortable being bare-faced? It's much easier than you think. First, we must address what we are really trying to cover up with makeup.
Whether its acne, blemishes, redness or just skin that has lost its elasticity, we must identify what is chipping away at our skin confidence. Consulting an aesthetician or dermatologist helps take the expensive guesswork out of clearing up your skin condition. Once you and your skin professional figure out what is causing your skin issues, it will be easier to start a regimen to help you become more comfortable in your own skin.

Step 1: Wash away the grime.

“You should be able to sing the Happy Birthday song twice before you rinse,” said Ryan Christopher, Global Director of Education at COSMEDIX. He explained you must breakdown all the makeup, oil and pollution from the day and that requires at least a minute of cleansing.

Step 2: Target the problem.

Serums are concentrated skin solvers. Packed full of concentrated active ingredients, they can brighten dark spots, reduce redness and help firm and smooth skin. You can layer on serums - just make sure you place them on the skin from thin to thick. For a flawless, even complexion, a brightening serum such as Simply Brilliant will help even out skin tone and help erase hyperpigmentation caused by the sun or blemishes.

Step 3: Get your skin in shape.

Prevention is key to getting your skin in shape. We often talk about prevention in relation to sun damage we will get to that next.  However, an age management regimen is something you can start earlier. Your skin's metabolism will start to wane around the time your internal metabolism does. So here is a youth-restoring tip from Ryan: “If you are worried about signs of aging, you need Cell ID.” The oligopeptide and mitochondrial complex tripeptide helps boost the skin's natural rejuvenation process at the first signs of changing skin texture to bring vitality back to the skin. It's like drinking a youth serum before you turn 21.
However, if your skin has already started to show signs of aging such as the onset of fine lines, crepey and droopy skin it may be time to shape up. A firming mask is the first and best step. New formulas have proven that you can see contoured results without invasive procedures and see unbelievable results while you sleep. Bio-Shape Face Firming Mask improves skin tension and wrinkles in just two hours. Wrinkles surface, length and number are reduced and skin will feel firmer and smoother in a matter of hours.
Donald L., a COSMEDIX fan, applied the mask before he went to bed and slept in it all night. “My skin felt infused with moisture!” he wrote. “My skin looked refreshed and moisturized and fine lines looked less visible.”
In a clinical study of women between 54 and 75 using a key ingredient in Bio-Shape, 80 % felt they had firmer and more sculpted skin, 70% felt their skin had less sagging and 65% felt their skin felt more lifted after just two months.

Step 4: Moisturize.

Pouring hydration into the skin and locking it in is how you keep skin looking firm, plump and healthy. For daytime, choose a multitasking moisturizer like Peptide-Rich Defense so you can save some time in your morning routine. A moisturizing sunscreen with antioxidants is your best choice. It protects the skin from dehydration, environmental pollution and the sun to prevent damage to your skin. Skin firming peptides are also a plus.
This "90 days to flawless" plan will have your skin looking and feeling its best. Skin will appear firmer, smoother, more even toned and radiant.  It's the perfect regimen to give you a boost in confidence.