Clear Skin 101: Learn the basics for clearer skin

Be Disciplined.
Getting your skin in balance requires time, consistency and discipline. Establish a regimen of cleaning and treating your skin twice a day to eliminate pore-clogging excess oil and cellular debris. Using an exfoliating cleanser, like Purity Clean from COSMEDIX, is an important first step toward clarifying the appearance of problem skin. As lactic acid gently removes dead skin, soothing botanicals including aloe vera, peppermint and lavender  €“  help to calm visible irritation and redness. This powerful formula also preps the skin for additional correctives such as COSMEDIX's blemish-fighting Clarity Serum. While most acne sufferers will see a difference in the first couple weeks of their skin care program, it can take up to 28 days for your skin cells to turn over.
Don't Pick.
Scratching, pinching and squeezing might feel like the right thing to do, but avoid giving into the temptation. Popping blemishes can lead to permanent scarring, increased irritation and redness. Additionally, avoid touching your skin. Dirt and bacteria from unclean fingers can find their way into pores making matters worse. A detoxifying facial mask, like Clear, can keep pores clean and help create a more comfortable complexion. Packed with problem-solving salicylic acid, sulfur and willowherb, a 10-minute application in the morning can absorb excess oil and put you in the fast lane to clearer looking skin.
Keep Clean.
To minimize the spread of bacteria and other impurities, be sure to wash all pillowcases, towels and makeup brushes weekly. If your skin is particularly sensitive, look for a detergent that's free of irritating dyes and fragrances. These common additives can rob skin of vital moisture, prompting it to produce more sebum natural oil that conditions the skin than normal, increasing the risk of clogged pores and breakouts.
Don't Sweat It.
After exercise, be sure to use a mild cleanser such as Benefit Clean to wash away sweat that can attract pore-clogging impurities and lead to body acne. For persistent blemishing, turn to Purity Clean. In addition to lactic acid, it also features tea tree oil which acts as a natural astringent. Also, exfoliating Purity Detox Scrub sloughs away potentially pore-clogging dead skin and debris.