Get to Know our Newest Launch: B Complex Vitamin B Boosting Powder

Have you met our newest skincare launch? COSMEDIX B Complex Vitamin Boosting Powder is our latest secret to a personal skin care routine that gives your skin the vitamin boost it has been craving. Stress, sunshine and long days spent outdoors can leave your skin wanting a little ‘reset’, which is why we’ve packed B Complex with Vitamin B, Coconut and Yogurt to help restore hydration and balance to the complexion. Keep on scrolling to learn more about your new summertime skin care routine must-have:

What Does It Do?

B Complex is a unique, dry powder complex that helps rejuvenate the look of skin, purify the complexion and maintain a balanced skin barrier that locks in long-lasting moisture. You can easily create a customized skincare cocktail and help arm your skin in nutrient rich protection by adding a few shakes of these mixing crystals to your favorite skin care products.

Tell Me About Those Clean Ingredients…

Clean, clinical and luxurious is what we do, and our latest skincare launch boasts the gentle, potent and plant-based ingredients that COSMEDIX is known for. Discover the skin-loving ingredients B Complex is formulated with:

Vitamin B Complex| Niacinamide and Biotin combine to help encourage a healthy skin microbiome

Dehydrated Coconut Water| Helps hydrate and purify the appearance of skin

Yogurt Powder| Soothes, softens and balances the skin for a healthier-looking complexion

Why a Powder?

Powder formulas are an excellent way to add concentrated ingredients to a variety of skin care products. With just a few shakes of this crystallized complex, you can create a multi-purpose treatment that helps elevate the results of your favorite serum or moisturizer while adding an extra dose of skincare benefits.

Any Skincare Cocktail Recommendations?

Of course! Our B Complex Vitamin B Boosting Powder can be mixed with any of our serum and moisturizer skin care products, but here are a few of our in-house aestheticican favorite skincare combo’s:

  • B Complex + Serum 16 Rapid Renewal Serum: One of our favorite things about B Complex is that it can be mixed with retinol. Help minimize the appearance of wrinkles while restoring moisture to the skin when you mix a few shakes of these mixing crystals with Serum 16.
  • B Complex + Affirm Antioxidant Firming Serum: If sun damage is your skin’s concern, then this skincare combo is your match made in heaven. Mix B Complex with Affirm to help protect your skin from environmental stressors and help replenish moisture to your complexion for a healthier-looking skin barrier.
  • B Complex + C.P.R. Skin Recovery Serum: Help soothe and smooth the look of skin with B Complex and C.P.R. If you’re struggling with sensitivity or redness, simply add a few shakes of B Complex to the Skin Recovery Serum for a personalized skincare blend that helps protect skin from environmental stressors while restoring balance to the complexion.