How To: At Home Gua Sha Facial Massage

Inspired by traditional Chinese beauty and health culture, the Gua Sha stone is a facial massage tool that can help increase circulation, reduce the look of puffiness and promote positive energy in your face, eyes and neck.

For optimal results, try pairing the use of the Gua Sha stone with COSMEDIX serums or moisturizers. Whether you use your Gua Sha stone in the day or at night, the appearance of your greatest features can improve with each use. To get the best results, use your Gua Sha stone in an upward motion with three to six swipes per usage in the area that you would like to see improvement. If that isn’t reason enough for you to use the Gua Sha stone for optimal skin and circulation health, here are a couple more reasons:

  • If you use Gua Sha at least three times per week on your face, jawline, decollete, neck, it can revitalize and enhance the appearance of your greatest features
  • The smoothness and shape of the rose quartz can give a calming and cooling effect on the skin

The Gua Sha stone can also help the appearance of your face, neck, chin, lips, eyes and brows. Gliding the Gua Sha stone across your skin can help give your skin a healthier, glowing appearance. Beauty lovers all over are sure to flock to the new COSMEDIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha’s unique shape and smooth, cooling texture that will make taking care of your skin care much easier.

How to use:

Start at the center of your forehead and glide the tool outward and upward from the brow bone to the hairline.

Start at the nose and work the stone upwards in a swooping motion along the cheeks and cheekbones, moving outward toward your ears. Repeat 3-5 times.

Undereye Area
Start in the inner corner of the eye and gently glide outwards towards the temple to diminish the appearance of undereye bags.

Glide the stone over your lips 5–7 times for a fuller-looking pout.

Jawline and Chin
Glide the stone upwards from the center of your chin to the earlobe to create a natural-looking contour.

For a lifted look, swipe the stone from the bottom of the neck to the jawline in upward strokes.