Mother's Day Gift Guide

For the perfect Mother’s Day gift, get her a COSMEDIX bundle of skincare love! You only get one mom and now is your time to show her just how much you love her. We’ve put together some our best skincare matches for you to give mom the best Mother’s Day gift ever—beautiful, healthy skin!

Once you add liquid crystals to her skincare regimen, you’ll reach golden child status! Give her the ultra-hydration experience of Opti Crystal and Lumi Crystal. Both formulas include the magic and ultimate hydration of liquid crystals, which also gives them a gorgeous, shimmering iridescent color that soaks into the skin to help reduce signs of aging and diminish the looks of lines and wrinkles. Opti Crystal reigns number one on our bestseller list due to its ability to help drastically diminish the appearance of pesky dark circles and crow’s feet. With just a pin-sized drop under the eyes at night, mom can reduce signs of aging around her eyes and wake up looking refreshed! 

What Opti Crystal does for eyes, Lumi Crystal does for the lips. Those powerful liquid crystals in the formula help reduce signs of aging by visibly plumping the lips and help protect mom’s pout from environmental stressors which can increase signs of aging. Plus, the luxurious feel of Lumi Crystal is a gift within itself! Lumi Crystal is uber hydrating and even after it emulsifies into your lips, the moisture lingers, giving you the option to add more for a beautiful sheen or just enjoy the natural burst of hydration. 

For an easy everyday skincare routine, our minimalistic moms are sure to enjoy the Benefit Clean and Peptide-Rich Defense bundle. Benefit Clean, our bestselling Gentle Cleanser, is rich in antioxidants and foams on contact for a refreshed-looking complexion. Mom can use it morning or night to take on the day—or take the day off. Peptide-Rich Defense is a must-have before stepping out for a day in the sun or just running errands. Its Broad Spectrum SPF 50 protects the skin from harmful rays that can cause sunburn or accelerate signs of aging. When getting ready to face the day or take the kids to an outdoor outing, Peptide-Rich Defense is just what mom needs for moisturizing skin protection. 

We’re firm believers that a power-packed evening skincare routine can bring better, brighter mornings, and Reboot and Serum 16 is a combination that will never lose. For a limited time only, the two powerhouse skincare products are paired as a dynamic duo for enhanced anti-aging overnight. Reboot is an Overnight Hydration Complex that balances, nourishes and hydrates to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If mom has hyperpigmentation, Reboot also helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and increases skin firmness. Pair it with Serum 16, our bestselling retinol serum which works to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, smooth wrinkles and boost moisture without causing redness, dryness or irritation. Mom will wake up to a brighter, healthier and younger-looking complexion with each use. 

Show mom some skincare love this Mother’s Day with one or all of our carefully curated bundles!