Peel Season is Coming. Are You Ready?

Honoring our roots as a brand built by and for aestheticians, COSMEDIX is thrilled to announce that we’re visiting our partner spa and skincare professionals this peel season to collaborate with skincare pros on how to prepare and care for your skin before and after peel treatments with our indulgent COSMEDIX collections/spa-exclusive lineup. This spa-exclusive collection of clinical-grade products delivers a luxurious, pampering experience for visibly noticeable results with less harsh side effects. Visit our online Spa Finder to see where you can stock up on COSMEDIX collections/spa-exclusive products near you.


A peel treatment generally involves removing the outermost layer of skin through deep exfoliation, helping to address various skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other common signs of aging. As the outer layer of skin is sloughed away, the new, more regenerated skin is usually smoother and healthier-looking.

COSMEDIX peel treatments use clean botanical ingredients to gently help clarify the appearance of skin. By lifting away pore-clogging impurities and encouraging healthy skin renewal, a COSMEDIX peel is perfect for those who hope to achieve a softer, more vibrant-looking complexion. And, you can gently ease your way up. COSMEDIX peel treatments work with your skin at two levels of exfoliation:

Level 1: This beginner-friendly peel uses natural, chirally correct forms of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) to exfoliate away dead skin cells, helping to reveal the next layer of skin.

Level 2: The most powerful treatments COSMEDIX offers, Level 2 provides medium-depth resurfacing to make the skin appear dramatically tighter and smoother. A 10 day pre-treatment prep is required for these peels.


Whether you’re treating yourself to a one-session peel treatment or opting for a peel treatment series, indulging in a peel from your favorite COSMEDIX aesthetician or spa can make a big difference in your complexion. Some of the age-defying skincare benefits include:

  • Helps address visible signs of aging and skin concerns, like fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, acne and age spots
  • Improves the look of skin tone, texture and clarity
  • Helps reveal brighter, smoother-looking skin


As with anything, proper preparation is the first key to a successful chemical peel! Be sure to consult your skincare professional for tips tailored to your specific skin health history. In general, there are skin prep guidelines that everyone considering a chemical peel should incorporate into their skincare routine prior to their treatment.

  • Gently cleanse skin to exfoliate away any dead or dull skin in order to help create the smoothest surface possible for your peel treatment.
  • If you’re opting for a peel treatment due to sun damage or other discoloration skin concerns, work in a brightening treatment to help restore the look of dull, photodamaged or hyperpigmented skin.
  • Because peels work deep within the skin to exfoliate, your skincare professional may recommend a Retinol-based product to incorporate into your skincare routine, helping pre-treat and balance your skin tone for optimized nutrient uptake during the peel treatment.
  • Make sure you’re applying a daily broad spectrum sunscreen to help protect your skin during your skincare journey.

Want to work in these steps, but don’t know where to start? COSMEDIX has rounded up four of our favorite skincare superstars to help put your best skin forward on the day of your peel treatment.



Caring for your skin after the peel is just as important as beforehand! Specific care instructions will be given by your skincare professional based on the type of chemical peel you received, but here are some steps to take to soothe and protect your sensitive, post-peel skin.

  • For the first 24-48 hrs. after a peel, stay away from products with Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids, Retinol, topical skin treatments, or prescriptions.
  • Stay out of the sun as much as possible and always apply a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen. Your post-treatment skin will probably be extra sensitive to the sun while healing.

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To continue to help make brighter, firmer and more balanced-looking skin a priority in your skincare routine after your peel, try COSMEDIX’s newest addition to the collections/spa-exclusive line: ALT-A Daily Rejuvenating Moisturizer. This lightweight daily moisturizer is powered by Bakuchiol, a gentle yet powerful plant-based alternative to Retinol that’s ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Awaken the skin through this ultra-soothing, antioxidant-packed treatment with a botanical burst of hydration and skin-loving ingredients that help rejuvenate the complexion for a more youthful-looking radiance.

Want to learn more about chemical peel treatments? Book a free 15-minute consultation with a skilled COSMEDIX licensed aesthetician here.