Skincare Resolutions Our Team is Making for the New Year… And That You Can Make, Too!

The New Year is upon us, which means it’s time for us to start thinking about things we want to improve on or change in the upcoming year! This week in the blog we asked our team members for their new year’s resolutions regarding skincare and what habits they want to begin or change in the new year. To see out team members resolutions, as well as products we recommended, keep on reading!

Resolution: Maintaining Results

“Mine would be maintain my skins moisture and healthy microbiome! I have put a lot of work into my skin getting it "just right" and now want to focus on maintaining the results I’ve gotten by using things like Reboot.” - Holly Buford, Associate Brand Manager of COSMEDIX

As suggested by Holly, a skin-loving product that we recommend for maintaining your skins moisture and having a healthier microbiome is Reboot! Reboot, an Overnight Hydration Complex, helps balance the look of skin, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for softer and smoother looking skin while you sleep! We love using this product to help maintain our skins moisture barrier.

Resolution: Even Out Skin Tone

“Getting rid of my dark spots & acne!” - Kristen Mabry, Marketing Manager of PUR

A product that we recommend for reducing dark spots and acne is Clarity Skin-Clarifying Serum. This powerhouse serum helps to exfoliate congested skin and clogged pores for a clearer-looking complexion. Ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Willowherb, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera work together to help balance oil production and soothe the appearance of agitated, problematic skin.

Resolution: Incorporate a Retinol

“Mine is going to be to start regularly using retinol- start with Define 3x a week and build up over the next few months.” Anna Marie Glasgow, Associate Marketing and Public Relations Manager Astral Brands

We love the resolution of adding a Retinol into your skincare routines! Retinol can help smooth the skin and reduce signs of aging. Anna Marie said she is going to use Define, our Age-Defying Treatment with Hydroxy Acids & Retinol, 3x a week. Define, when used regularly, can help gently exfoliate the skin to promote a smoother-looking texture by helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and an uneven skin tone.

If your skin is sensitive and reacts negatively to Retinol, have no fear! Bakuchiol Complete, a Plant Based Retinol Alternative Serum, helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin hydrated and healthier looking. Bakuchiol is a great alternative to traditional Retinol as it is gentler on the skin while giving similar results to the popular Vitamin E derivative.

Resolution: Take Makeup Off Everyday

“I want to make sure I take my makeup off every night, no matter how late I get home!” -Grace Allen, Digital Marketing Manager

We love Grace’s resolution of taking her makeup off every day! We know that taking makeup off at the end of a long day can be a bit of a chore, but the benefits of taking your makeup off every night are worth it! We suggest cleansing the skin with Purity Solution Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil, a 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover, to gently melt away dirt, oil, makeup and impurities for a hydrated, healthy-looking appearance.