Skincare Soulmates

If nothing else, February is the perfect excuse to spread extra love to those you adore…and what better way than to start with yourself? While most people indulge in the quintessential gifts of chocolates, roses and a fancy dinner, treating yourself to an upgraded skincare routine is the true gift that keeps on giving. COSMEDIX’s Better Together Bundles feature skin-transforming products that are perfectly compatible to help promote a visbly radiant, healthier-looking complexion! 

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The Daily Duo
This dynamic duo fits perfectly into your everyday, simplistic skincare routine with Benefit Clean and Hydrate+. Benefit Clean is a Gentle Cleanser that’s packed with antioxidants to help delicately remove debris and environmental pollutants from the skin while soothing and hydrating the complexion. Hydrate+ is a bestselling sunscreen and moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 17 to help prevent free-radical damage while providing superior moisture. 

The Clarifying Couple h
Don’t let pesky blemishes get in the way of a healthy-looking complexion. Purity Clean and Clarity work together to banish blemishes for good without the harsh, drying side effects that come with traditional treatments. Purity Clean works to gently exfoliate the skin and improve the look of uneven texture of discoloration. Clarity is a bestselling blemish-fighting serum packed with Retinol and Salicylic Acid to help clarify pore-clogging impurities. 

The Pamper Pair 

Elevate your at-home pamper session with this exclusive duo featuring bestselling Opti Crystal and Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller. Consistently praised by skincare professions, beauty editors, influencers and customers, this duo is the secret to achieving a rested, youthful-looking under eye area. Opti Crystal is formulated with liquid crystal technology, copper complex and powerful antioxidants to drastically diminish the look of dark circles, fine lines and crow’s feet around the eye area. 

The Glowmates 

Suffering from dry, winter skin? This duo featuring Emulsion and Eye Genius is designed to restore hydration with liquid crystal and shea butter. Emulsion brings dry skin back to life and restores balance to the complexion—all while providing potent, powerful antioxidant protection. Eye Genius is packed with five firming peptides that deliver lasting hydration to help reduce the look of dark circles. The result is a healthy, hydrated and radiant-looking complexion that glows.