St. Patrick's Day Sale Guide!

There are so many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Parades, having a drink at your local watering hole, adding green anywhere into your day – clothing, makeup, and even SKINCARE! With a few COSMEDIX products, it’s so easy to convert your skincare routine into a skin healthy green-FEST! 

A few of the green-hued COSMEDIX products include Purity Clean, Clear Mask and Purity Balance. All have different shades of green to save you from being pinched!

Purity Clean is made for all skin types and can help manage the appearance of uneven skin tone, breakouts and help clear congested pores. The soothing properties of peppermint essential oil and tea tree oil are great for clearing up blemishes and future breakouts.

After a day of St. Patrick’s Day fun, a detoxifying Clear Mask is just what you need to exfoliate and restore your skin. Any type of skin will benefit from exfoliation, and oily skin in particular will love the clays. Herbs used in the ingredients will soothe and calm inflammation that can come from too many good times.

Purity Balance is created to for all skin types and helps reduce the look of many issues that plague the St. Paddy’s Day party-goer. If you are breakout prone, then this exfoliant may be the help that you need. Uneven skin tone and congested skin are also skin issues that can be helped with Purity Balance. 

Not only do these products greatly complement each other and would be great additions to your skincare regimen, those green hues to cleanse and treat your skin indeed give much better results than a few celebratory beverages!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!