The Skincare Advice Aestheticians Really Want You To Know

In honor of October being National Aesthetician Month, we want to share the knowledge from our hardworking Aestheticians who work diligently with customers to help them achieve their skincare goals. This week in the blog, we are giving you the inside scoop on skincare advice that Aestheticians really want you to know so you can elevate your skincare routine. To find out which tips Aestheticians recommend, keep on reading!

Double Cleanse

The first tip that Aestheticians recommend is double cleansing! Double cleansing your skin means using an oil-based cleanser first to help cleanse away makeup and impurities before using a regular cleanser. We recommend starting with Purity Solution Deep Cleansing Oil to help cleanse the skin and melt away any makeup or impurities. After cleansing with Purity Solution, we recommend using Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser to help exfoliate and balance the look of skin for a more radiant-looking complexion.

**Pro Tip: Both of these products can be found in our Double Cleanse Nourishing and Exfoliating Duo!

Stick to a Routine

The next tip that Aestheticians suggest is sticking to a routine. In order to see results from your skincare, it is important that you consistently use a product for at least a month! If you are not sure how to create a skincare routine to stick to, check out our Starter Kits! Each of our starter kits includes four products to create a routine. Whether you have dry, combination, or sensitive skin, there is sure to be a starter kit to help you meet your skincare goals.

Be Kind to Your Skin

Be gentle with your skin! Aestheticians highly suggest not picking at any blemishes on your skin. While it may be tempting, it can lead to potential scarring which can be difficult to get rid of! Instead of picking at blemishes, we recommend applying Correct Rapid Relief Acne Treatment to any blemishes to provide gentle exfoliation as it helps deep clean pores to help prevent pore-clogging buildup.

Bring Your Products Down Your Neck

The last piece of advice that Aestheticians recommend is bringing your skincare products all the way down your neck and décolleté. If you are using anti-aging products on your face, bring them all the way down your neck, chest, and even the tops of your hands for even more age-defying benefits!

**Pro Tip: Using skincare on your entire body can help keep your skin healthy-looking from head to toe. We recommend using A-Lift Overnight Vitamin A Body Treatment on your arms and legs so you can have skincare benefits on areas besides your face and chest.

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