Why You Need to Maintain Your Skin’s Microbiome

The microbiome. I am sure you have heard of it by now. The microbiome has taken the skin care world by storm! There are new products popping up left and right claiming to restore your microbiome or repair your skin barrier. But what is the microbiome? And how do we know if these products are actually doing what they claim, or if they are just hopping on the microbiome bandwagon? Looking at ingredient callouts and formulations is a good way to tell if various skincare products can live up to their expectations. Once you learn what to look for and what to avoid, finding products that will help your microbiome is much, much simpler.

What is the microbiome?

To learn how to help maintain a healthy-looking microbiome, we first need to learn what the microbiome is. The microbiome is the shield that helps protect your face from various types of bacteria and also allows your skin to retain moisture while maintaining the reliability of your skin. The microbiome plays a huge part in the appearance of your skin as it often protects your skin from the outside world. It is important to maintain a strong microbiome so your skin can uphold a more balanced and healthier-looking complexion

What disturbs your microbiome?

Your microbiome can become compromised in a variety of ways. The main way people damage their moisture barrier is by using skin care with harsh ingredients or by over exfoliating the skin. While it can be tempting to reach for whatever skincare has been sitting in your medicine cabinet, you are sometimes doing more harm than good when overloading your face with exfoliants and chemicals. When the microbiome is damaged, the skin can appear red and flaky and can develop fine lines over time. So, instead of throwing every chemical and exfoliant under the sun on your face to fix redness and problematic skin, let’s learn how to help maintain a healthy microbiome.

How do I maintain my microbiome?

To help protect your microbiome, you need to develop a mild skincare routine consisting of products made with skin-loving ingredients. Look for ingredients that are focused on hydrating, soothing, and helping protect the skin to help maintain a resilient moisture barrier. Once you learn which products to use to maintain a healthy microbiome, your skin will thank you!

Gentle Cleanser: Crystal Cleanse Hydrating Liquid Crystal Cleansing Cream

The first step to help maintain your microbiome is using a gentle cleanser. Crystal Cleanse cleanser hydrates the skin while washing away dirt, oil, and makeup. The Hydrating Liquid Crystal Cleansing Cream contains ingredients of Liquid Crystal Technology, Prickly Pear Extract, and Coconut Oil to hydrate, condition, and soothe the skin. These ingredients work with each other to provide deep, lasting hydration to aide in maintaining your microbiome.

Hydrating Serum: Cell ID Nutritive Defense Serum

Using Cell ID serum in your skincare routine helps defend your microbiome as is helps support the skin’s protective barrier to lock-in long-lasting moisture. This Nutritive Defense Serum contains powerhouse ingredients such as Japanese Orchid Stem Cell Extracts, African Mahogany Tree Bark Extract, and age-defying peptides. These good-for-your-skin ingredients help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, make pores appear smaller, and smooth and help rejuvenate the look of skin.

Probiotic Serum: Reboot Overnight Hydration Complex

Probiotics in skin care can help to restore the microbiome and help give your skin a healthy-looking complexion, as well as soothe the skin. The moisturizing formula in Reboot is powered by good-for-your-skin ingredients like Aloe, which helps soothe and condition skin, and Lactobacillus and Coconut extract, power-packed probiotics that help bring hydration and balance back to your complexion. Both luxurious and lightweight, this ultra-conditioning serum absorbs quickly into the skin as it assists in smoothing skin’s texture to help improve the look of firmness and elasticity. 

Conditioning Moisturizer: Harmonize Microbiome Boosting Moisturizer

Using a good moisturizer is essential to helping retain a healthy microbiome. The Harmonize Microbiome Boosting Moisturizer boosts the skin’s moisture barrier function for long-lasting hydration while balancing the look of the complexion. Formulated with an age-defying skincare blend of fruit and plant extracts, along with a skin-conditioning probiotic, this Microbiome Boosting Moisturizer helps strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier and helps protect the complexion from environmental stressors. 

 Hydrating Eye Serum: Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum

Don’t forget about the sensitive area surrounding your eyes when trying to protect your skin’s microbiome! Our best-selling Opti Crystal Liquid Eye Serum is infused with soothing Coconut and Liquid Crystal Technology to deliver unprecedented hydration to the delicate eye area—softening the look of fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles over time. Not only is this product pretty to look at, our award-winning Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum helps protect your eyes and help give you a more well rested, youthful-looking appearance.

Strengthening Mask: Micro Defense Microbiome Sheet Mask Set

Think of using a face mask as adding an extra *oomph* to your skincare routine. This Micro Defense Microbiome Sheet Mask Set helps to deeply hydrates the skin with a moisture-rich prebiotic serum that helps strengthen your skin’s natural defense for a softer, smoother, more supple-looking complexion. With ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate, Almond Oil, Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, and Coconut Oil, this 5-piece sheet mask set will help boost moisture levels while soothing and helping to support the skins natural skin defenses.