Meet Renu MediSpa

Looking for a results driven medusa in Idaho? Look no further then Renu Medispa.

Known for being innovators in our industry, Renu Medispa has introduced multiple new treatments and protocols to the region including Diamondtome Microdermabrasion, SilkPeel, EpiBlade, Visia Imaging, Palomar StarLux lasers, and Venus Freeze, to name a few.

We asked the girls at Renu about their favorite COSMEDIX products and treatments. Get the full DL down below!

What is your favorite Cosmedix treatment or product to use yourself or recommend to clients & why:

MARSHA PEPIN: I looove Simply Brilliant. I use it myself to treat my hyperpigmentation and keep the results that I achieve with it. I literally recommend it to everyone. It works! I can tell when I haven’t been regular with my routine. My spots creep back to say hello.  Can’t live without it.

LAUREN BAILEY: My favorite Cosmedix products are a duo of Simply Brilliant and Affirm, when I put it on its like my skin just woke up and instantly brightens and tightens/ Plumps. They are amazing to cocktail with any moisturizer to amplify it and create better spread-ability. I love complimenting these products in the treatment room with a Sculpted Mask Treatment, every time I do this my clients get that WOW factor afterwards revealing the glow that they work so hard on at home!

ENDI HULSEY: I am in love with the Timeless Peel! Because I have dry, sensitive skin and battle rosacea I have been hesitant to try peels. The timeless peel won me over. It was not uncomfortable to apply and produced great results. My skin looks and feels amazing and I am planning a series since my first treatment went so well.

VANAE HANSEN: My favorite Cosmedix product to recommend to clients is Simply Brilliant! I think everyone should be on a tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent hyperpigmentation; and the results driven ingredients along with a reasonable price point make it the perfect product to add almost everyone’s regimen.

HILLARY MANFREDO: Purity Solution keeps me from rubbing and pulling the delicate skin around my eyes and face when I cleanse because it MELTS and emulsifies the mile of makeup I have on. Thankful for that!


Favorite part of being a medical esthetician?

LAUREN BAILEY: Being a Medical Aesthetician is my LIFE! I love the Science aspect to it, I'm constantly looking at new ways to up my game. We work with so many innovative brands and devices that education and avenues are endless. I am so proud of the work I get to do everyday for everyone, putting my brain to use creating individualized treatment plans for all my clients to get the results they desire is extremely rewarding!

Do you have any interesting/fun tips or unconventional uses for Cosmedix products?

LAUREN BAILEY: There are so many fun ways to use Cosmedix products, Rx clean works wonders as a tingling mask and deep cleanse when lathered on the skin, add a little Glow mask to it for a physical exfoliation is always a WINNER! Always using remaining Eye Doctor around the lips to fight fine lines, never waste a sparkle of that product!! Purity Balance is also a fix all for me. Someones shoes have a smell to them spray a little in there and I swear it goes away, during a long day of travel- I'll spritz some on the nape of my neck and even underarms and I'm totally refreshed, it gets even the tightest spots on your face clean- I will take a cotton round and put a couple Q-tips on top spray with Purity Balance and I have the ultimate ear purification, cotton for behind to get all makeup off and the q-tips inside (not too deep) to clean them out. For a toner it works magic!

ENDI HULSEY: Add Purity Detox Scrub to Purity Clean for a tingly, minty refreshing exfoliation at home!

HILLARY MANFREDO: Our climate in Idaho is SO dry so most of our staff and clientele are dehydrated. I add a little bit of Restore mask to my PM moisturizer for a boost in the winter. I put Rescue+ on my hands (concentrating on my cuticles) before bed.

Meet the Staff:

MARSHA PEPIN- Medical Esthetician, MA & Laser technician. @ renu since 2013

LAUREN BAILEY- Medical Esthetician & Laser technician . @ renu since 2016

ENDI HULSEY: MA, Laser technician. @ renu since 2009

VANAE HANSEN: Medical Esthetician @ renu since 2018