Celebrate National Aesthetician Month!

At COSMEDIX, we believe that skin care is not a luxury. The treatment of your body's largest organ deserves your daily attention. It is why we recommend that you see a skin care professional at least once a month to not only reach your skin goals but to make sure you are maintaining optimum skin health.
Aestheticians are there to help from the start of your first visit. They are your first line of defense when you are facing skin issues. Their thorough knowledge of skin care helps them assess and remedy your lingering skin concerns. With a few questions and deep observation, they can provide a detailed skin analysis while factoring in your lifestyle, your physical health and desired outcome. This information helps you achieve the results you want and avoid wasting your time and money on products or treatments that irritate rather than restore your skin back to health.
We develop such a close relationship with our aesthetician. They listen to our insecurities and their advice is honest and real. Their professional touch helps you rid your skin of irritation, acne, discoloration and signs of aging.  And, their sound advice helps you achieve the results you are looking to see and feel. Moreover, we leave our precious skin in their hands because we trust them.
We founded National Aesthetician Day on October 15th and made it a month-long  celebration to honor skin care professionals across the nation. We want to shine the light on often overlooked aestheticians and the amazing expertise they can bring to your skin. Stay tuned for a month of exciting skin care treatments, beauty tips for you to try at home and features from a few of the most discerning skin care influencers in the country.
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