Saving Face

The exfoliation we receive from peels not only corrects a multitude of skin conditions €” such as sun damage, pigmentation and acne €” it also creates the perfect environment for optimal product penetration. Because it increases cell turnover and sheds the skin's outer layer, it allows products to penetrate deeper for better results.
So, now that you've received your COSMEDIX metabolic peel, how do you protect your investment?
Here are a few simple steps you can take to help keep that renewed glow, protect your investment and infuse your skin with nutrients and supportive ingredients for optimal skin health. Your skin care professional can also provide a custom post-peel regimen.
  • Incorporate a gentle cleanser, such as COSMEDIX Benefit Clean, into your regimen to remove makeup and prepare the skin to receive vital nutrients.
  • Antioxidants are a must for daily post-peel recovery to help against further UVA/UVB-induced photodamage. Affirm by COSMEDIX boasts over 10 different skin-specific antioxidants for maximum skin health and protection.
  • Sun protection is a must. COSMEDIX offers a broad range of sunscreens to ensure your post-peel results last.
  • Give your skin the benefits of post-peel vitamin A therapy with products containing COSMEDIX's encapsulated retinol. The ultimate post-peel addition to your skin care routine, you can begin using encapsulated retinol products just a week after receiving your peel.
  • In between peels, apply COSMEDIX's Pure Enzymes mask weekly to keep your skin silky smooth and boost your peel results at home.
  • If your skin is acneic, you may also apply COSMEDIX Clear Mask to keep congestion and breakouts at bay.
Remember, your skincare regimen is the foundation for everything else you do to enhance your skin. Each day, the choices we make and the products we apply to our skin can be the difference between enhancing and diminishing our results. Post peel, the goal is to continue reaping the benefits of the peel. Your skin care professional will provide a custom post-peel regimen based on your goals.