4 Skin Care Steps to Follow After Being in the Sun

When you lounge out in the sun, there is a lot going on below the surface of your complexion. And post sun care can be just as important as pre sun prep.

As always, we stress the importance of using a broad spectrum SPF. Follow along to discover our personal recommendations to help skin recover from days spent in the sun with these 4 simple steps:

1. Hydrate Inside and Out

Your body is basically over half water, so it is no surprise that after being in the sun, the first thing you need to do is restore hydration. Drinking water will help boost moisture internally to reverse the dehydration that is often caused when you spend time in the sun. You can also rinse the body with cool water to help soothe skin before lathering from head-to-toe in a moisture-rich formula. Complete your shower with a Face and Body CBD Lotion that is powered by Hemp Oil, peptides and amino acids to hydrate dry skin.

2. Refresh with a Moisturizing Mist

If you are feeling dry throughout the day help boost your skin with a quenching spritz. Using a moisturizing mist that slips into your bag or purse will let you refresh on the go, especially when skin feels dry after time spent outside. Look for ingredients like Trehalose and probiotics to help rejuvenate the look of the complexion while restoring the skin’s moisture barrier. COSMEDIX Mystic Hydrating Treatment can be used in a skin care routine or during the day to add a refreshing burst to parched, dry skin.

3. Prevent Dark Spots and Wrinkles

Sun damage is notorious for causing dark spots and wrinkles. After a day spent in the sun, indulging your skin to skin care products high in Vitamin C can help prevent these stubborn spots and lines from forming over time. Simply Brilliant is a 24/7 Brightening Serum that is formulated with 10 different brightening ingredients to help improve the look of  uneven skin tone. Apply this serum to the face, shoulders or chest after a day of sun-bathing to help reduce the appearance (or help prevent the appearance) of sun-spots or wrinkles. 

4. Sleep in a Uber-Hydrating Mask

If you really did a doozy on your skin, then getting your beauty sleep while drenched in an Intense Hydrating Mask or Balm can help restore moisture while you dream. Lather up with ingredients like Shea Butter and soothing Willowherb for the ultimate overnight treatment that helps encourage total moisture restoration. COSMEDIX Rescue doubles as both a skin care mask and balm, and it can be used on dry areas of the face or body for an added dose moisture overnight. Formulated with Shea Butter, Cherry Bark Extract and rich antioxidants, this uber-hydrating mask is the answer to help quench skin’s thirst.