Love Your Skin With COSMEDIX This Acne Awareness Month

If you have acne, you’re probably already pretty aware of it. Maybe you weren’t aware, though, that acne is super common: up to 50 million Americans a year are affected by it, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. This Acne Awareness month, COSMEDIX is encouraging you not to get too frazzled about your pimples. Follow some Instagram accounts that can help with self-love, like @its_just_acne, who challenges unrealistic standards by showing off textured, acne-prone skin with pride. We also hope you’ll relax and enjoy your skincare routine instead of feeling like you’re waging war on your acne, so here are a few luxe, gentle skincare products that can help you pamper your skin while helping reduce the look of redness and evening the look of texture.

A clean, gentle cleanser that doesn’t overdo it is the best place to start for acne relief. Clarify is alcohol and sulfate free, but still includes acne-fighting hero ingredient Salicylic Acid to help exfoliate skin for a smoother-looking complexion. This water-based cleanser is also formulated with Aloe Vera and D-Panthenol to help soothe skin and probiotic-inspired Lactococcus Ferment Lysate and Saccharide Isomerate to help encourage a healthier-looking complexion. Clarify can be incorporated into your morning or night skincare routine to help absorb excess oil without overly drying out the skin to help keep it looking refreshed, and more clarified looking.

One myth about caring for acne-prone skin is that you should skip on moisturizer if you get breakouts. Moisturizing helps balance the skin’s oil production—if you strip your skin of oil completely, it might generate even more oil and, unfortunately, maybe even more acne. Formulated with Lilac Stem Cells to help control and balance excess oil, Shineless Oil-Free Moisturizer helps firm, smooth and brighten the appearance of skin without the added shine. This green tea mint-scented moisturizer helps you achieve lasting hydration without greasiness. In our clinical study, 48% of users saw a reduction in the appearance of blemishes and 70% reported having less shiny skin.

Skinimalism is all about finding serum products that help address your specific skin care concerns, and Clarity is a great go-to product if that concern is acne. This skin-clarifying serum helps improve the appearance of acne without overly harsh ingredients that cause skin to flake or dry out. The secret is a formula that combines powerhouse exfoliator Retinol with Salicylic Acid to help reduce the appearance of oil so that skin appears firmer, clarified and healthier-looking. Willow Herb, Tea Tree Oil, and Aloe Vera help soothe the skin and help reduce the appearance of redness. Clarity is perfect for your day or night routine—make sure to layer a broad spectrum SPF like ultra-lightweight Peptide Rich Defense on top if you’re getting ready to head out in the morning.

Making time for self-care and helping unclog pores go hand-in-hand with this Kaolin Clay-infused cleansing mask. Clear won’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight, but it will help to soothe, hydrate, and purify the look of skin as it helps to draw out and absorb any excess oil. This top-rated skin care mask is also formulated with Tea Tree Oil to help reduce the appearance of redness and Niacinamide to help improve the look of skin texture. Simply apply to damp, clean skin two or three times in the evening for a brighter, more vibrant-looking complexion that lasts.

Finally, don’t let a surprise pimple disrupt your confidence! This targeted rapid spot treatment is formulated with 2% Salicylic Acid to help to deep clean pores. The gentle exfoliating ingredients won’t cause excessive dryness to the skin, and skin-loving Aloe Vera helps to soothe the look of skin for a clearer-looking complexion.