Small Resolutions Create Big Change

The New Year is right around the corner which means we are all thinking of what our New Year’s resolutions should be. Finding something to focus on going into a new decade can be daunting but we have thought up a way to simplify your New Year. This year, instead of focusing on one general goal like “losing weight” or “saving money”, we are focusing on small changes that can help make a lasting impact on our lives.

Here are some of the COSMEDIX team’s goals going into 2020, they may not seem big, but can have a big impact in the long run and are easy to focus on!

Wear Sunscreen Everyday!

While we may think that we are good about applying sunscreen, very few of us are actually using it every day. The sun can have detrimental effects on our skin including early aging, discoloration of the skin and even cancer. This year, add a sunscreen, such as Protect UV, in your everyday routine to help protect your skin from the sun’s damage.

Focus on Self-care

Everyone is on board that self care is an important part of our daily routine. Going into the decade find what makes you feel best. That could be using our CBD Body line of Serenity and Recovery before bed and taking time to journal, doing yoga or reading. Be sure to take time to do what makes you feel good.

Wash Your Face!

It may seem simple but we know how hard it is to wash your face some nights before rolling into bed. This year take the extra minute to wash all of the dirt, makeup and oil off of your face before you fall asleep. You’ll be amazed at how much better your skin will feel by simply washing with Purity Solution or Benefit Clean every night.

Starting with Skin Care?

If you’re new to the skin junkie crew, you have come to the right place! Start taking care of your skin this year with clean and quality skin care products. Our COSMEDIX starter kits are a great first step into your skincare routine and provide different regimens per skin type. We always recommend finding your closest COSMEDIX aesthetician by using our spa finder to see what they can do for you. 

We are so excited to work on our goals together going into 2020 and have some exciting launches coming soon. Stay tuned on our website or follow us on our Instagram @cosmedix_ to always be in the loop.