Start Fresh with COSMEDIX's Step-by-Step Travel Kits

It’s time to find your perfect match in 2020 with COSMEDIX’s travel-sized, starter kits! Compact skin care isn’t only good for getting you through airport security—these adorable minis are the perfect welcome into the world of skin care—especially for anyone hoping to become more serious about their regimen in the new year. After a busy holiday season, we understand that a multi-step skin care routine can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why COSMEDIX has designed these customized bundles to better acquaint you with different products, treatments, and their purposes.

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Repeat. You’ve probably heard these steps repeated a hundred times when discussing a skin care regimen. While applying products in the proper order is important, the most challenging part of starting an effective skin routine is knowing WHAT to use. But that’s where we come in! Start by matching your skin type or concerns with one of COSMEDIX tailor-made, starter kits. Each of our kits are equipped with a multi-step routine—including a cleanser, two treatments and a moisturizer—catered to your skin’s specific needs. Paraben free, cruelty-free and loaded with powerful ingredients, COSMEDIX’s travel-friendly kits begin with a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that lifts away impurities, so you can lather your way to soft, radiant skin. Whether you’re looking to balance Combination Skin or target those stubborn wrinkles with our Age- Defying Kit, we’ve cut out the guess work by including hand-picked treatments and a luxe moisturizer inside all our mini bundles.  These light-weight formulas provide a concentrated blend of skin-loving ingredients that penetrate deep into the surface to help achieve a clear, nourished complexion—no matter what your skin type.

BONUS TIP: A secret perk to COSMEDIX innovative formulas is that all our treatments can be mixed! For those looking to address multiple concerns (for example: combination skin and an uneven skin tone), feel free to mix and match different treatments. These mini skin care collections are a wonderful way to experiment with combos and create your perfect skin cocktail.

Now, that you’ve been introduced to our lovely bundles, don’t be afraid to put your own touch on your skin care regimen. If uber-clean skin is what you desire, but with a gentle touch, start your routine by removing make-up with our Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil—this will ensure your skin is perfectly prepped for your customize cleanse. Maximize your skin care routine by pairing treatment serums with one of our invigorating skin tools, like the Facial Massage Roller. These innovative products are the perfect way to elevate your regimen and accomplish soft, supple skin. Remember, skin care isn’t just a routine, it’s an indulgence!