In the Press: 15 Beauty Products The Men in Our Lives Always Steal

Back in June, COSMEDIX Purity Clean was featured on in a story titled, "15 Beauty Products The Men in Our Lives Always Steal"

"Some will openly admit it and some will openly deny it, but we'll go ahead and say it for them. The majority of men in our lives are fascinated by our beauty routines—spellbound by the products, rituals, and treatments they watch us apply over and over again right in front of them. And typically, it only takes so long before their interest becomes so piqued that they start asking questions like, What is that? What does it do? Why do you put it on like that? Does it hurt? And eventually… Can I try? (For the record, sometimes the products work better on them than us—just look what happened when I applied this cult-loved Korean mask all over my dad's 70-year-old skin.)

So to celebrate our June theme of Men and Makeup, we thought we'd open the floor to Byrdie HQ, you, and all your favorite men to discover which beauty products the main men in our lives always steal—i.e., which products they've become 100% hooked on. And may we just note the universally excellent taste? Keep reading for 15 beauty products that might just go missing if you leave them out too long."

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