Skincare secrets…straight from the runway!

New York Fashion Week is an action-packed week in the Big Apple where industry officials, top influencers, major boutiques and style bloggers alike gather to report on emerging trends within the industry. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger myself, I packed my bags and headed to the city that never sleeps to soak up as much knowledge as possible from industry standouts, like Jeremy Scott and Alice + Olivia, to up and coming designers within the CAAFD. I watched closely as designers filled their shows with vibrant bursts of color, 90’s inspired pieces, bold accessories, various textures and loud metallics. With each show came a new trend, theme, focus and look, which kept influencers and media on their toes as designers incorporated major trends in their own, unique way. While the fashion was captivating, I couldn’t help but notice a reoccurring theme as I bounced from venue to venue—flawless, minimalistic makeup looks.
For years, the ongoing trends in the makeup industry have shown up on major runways, but this year the skin did all the talking. Models proudly showcased bold, fun fashion pieces with little-to-no makeup on their face. Bold lashes, intense, creamy contours and overdone highlight was few and far between, as artist focused on creating a fresh, dewy complexion that appeared near-flawless under the lights. In fact, major fashion bloggers like Aylin Koenigand Brittany Xavierwere seen taking a more natural route to glam this year, as well.
As my trip progressed, I found myself inspired to ditch my false lashes and liquid foundation and emulate that effortless, radiant glow that appeared in each show. I’ve spent years covering up and blotting away my natural oils for a matte, high-coverage finish, but NYFW encouraged me to find supporting products that leave behind a healthy, blemish-free finish.
From long, event-filled days in the city to my everyday life, these COSMEDIX products keep my skin ready for lights…camera…action!
Opti Crystal
Liquid Crystal Eye Serum
There’s a reason this is a best-selling eye treatment, as it instantly works to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and crow’s feet with the help of soothing coconut and liquid crystal technology. This serum keeps my eyes looking—and feeling—hydrated and refreshed, while protecting them from harmful free radicals that could cause further damage.
Pro Tip:After placing a pine-sized drop on your ring fingers, hold your fingers together to warm up the product for easy distribution and application.
Purity Clean
Exfoliating Cleanser
With bright lights and constant flash photography, models must take care of their skin health to ensure their skin looks refreshed without unwanted oil or dryness. This morning and night cleanser has been a gamechanger, as it works to improve the look of uneven texture and discoloration. With occasional breakouts, this cleanser helps unclog congested pores, remove excess oil and cleanse away impurities, leaving behind a healthy-looking complexion.
Pro Tip:If you have a major event or trip coming up, use this cleanser as a mask for up to ten minutes for additional exfoliation and deep cleansing.
Antioxidant Firming Serum
While models tend to air on the younger side, who says our skin can’t look that way? This award-winning serum is packed with vitamin E, resveratrol and age-defying biopeptides to help eliminate the look of environmental damage and improves the look of photodamaged skin for a firmer, youthful-looking complexion.
Pro Tip:Pair with your favorite sunscreen in the morning for added protection.
Intense Hydrating Balm & Mask

Moisturizing is the key to achieving an effortless glow and this facial balm helps restore hydration to agitated, inflamed or extremely dry skin. As we transition into the cooler months, this blend of argan oil and shea butter helps rapidly relieve a chapped complexion.
Pro Tip:Use this thick mask as an overnight treatment to help rejuvenate the look of skin while you sleep.