Breaking Down COSMEDIX Hydrating Treatments

The art of the summer skincare routine is all about light hydration—keeping your skin moisturized is a must, but the creams we used in winter can be a little heavy for the hotter months to come. Enter COSMEDIX hydrating treatments! These light, refreshing face mists and sprays deliver a burst of hydration that helps to keep skin glowing and healthy-looking on days when intense heat and environmental stressors might threaten to dull your sparkle.

Our two go-to hydrators for a quick skin reset? Meet Crystal Clear AM/PM Liquid Crystal Hydrating Mist and Mystic AM/PM Hydrating Treatment! Read on for a breakdown of these luxe, lightweight treatments and when to reach for each one, plus a few other summer skin care upgrades!

When Hydrating Treatments Shine

Think of Crystal Clear and Mystic as hydration pick-me-ups! Both are infused with skin-soothing, botanical ingredients like Witch Hazel and Kakadu Plum Extract, and both can be applied on the go whenever your skin is beginning to lose its glow. Mystic and Crystal Clear are both gentle and light: they tend not to clog pores in the summer heat or irritate skin that’s recently had peels or treatments.

Benefit Breakdown

Crystal Clear and Mystic are sisters, not twins. Here are a few key differences between these hydrating skin care superstars and their skin-quenching benefits.

When it comes to application, both these treatments are pretty travel friendly. Mystic applies directly to your face as a spray, so it’s the more “on-the-go” of these two hydration boosters. To use Crystal Clear, you’ll also need to stash some cotton balls or pads for application. Spritz Crystal Clear onto the cotton or directly onto your hands and then apply to the face for a soothing burst of hydration any time you’re feeling dry.

Both these summer superstars are lightweight, but Mystic is a tad lighter than Crystal Clear. This oil-free moisturizer is powered by ingredients like Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, a conditioning probiotic that helps support the skin’s microbiome and helps improve barrier function and strengthen skin’s natural defense.

Crystal Clear indulges the complexion with the same Liquid Crystal Technology used in bestselling Opti Crystal Eye Serum, and it’s powerful enough to use as your morning moisturizer or a daytime refresher. Crystal Clear is infused with Kakadu Plum Extract, also known as Australian Superfruit, so it helps improve the appearance of skin’s texture and tone by brightening the look of dry skin and diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

More Lightweight Upgrades for Your Summer Skincare Routine

Summer skin care calls for hydrators that help defend the skin’s barrier while keeping things light and healthy-looking. Here are some of our favorite COSMEDIX skin care products to use with Crystal Clear or Mystic Hydrating Treatment this summer!

Peptide Rich Defense Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 50

This lightweight moisturizer blends seamlessly with makeup to help protect your face from UV rays. Peptide Rich Defense shines in the summer months because of the high SPF, which increases the time you can spend enjoying the sunshine if applied correctly (read: evenly and generously). It’s also enriched with an age-defying peptide that deeply hydrates, soothes and conditions the complexion as it helps smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. A favorite of one Victoria Beckham, this bestselling moisturizer is a perfect fit when the summer heat hits!

Protect UV AM/PM Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizing Spray

Some of the benefits of Mystic and Peptide Rich Defense combine in Protect UV, a gentle, multipurpose SPF 30 that applies as a spray. Perfect for on the go sun protection, this oil-free formula also boosts hydration to help improve skin barrier function and helps to sooth the skin as well. Infused with Niacinamide to help improve skin texture and tone, Protect UV has a natural finish that makes it quintessential choice for everyday use.  

Hydrate + Broad Spectrum SPF 17 Moisturizing Sunscreen

Help your skin stay dewy looking this summer with Hydrate +! Layering on this moisturizing sunscreen can help prep your skin for makeup and preserve a radiant-looking glow. Formulated with a broad spectrum SPF to help prevent sun damage, Hydrate + is non-greasy. This everyday skin care essential also promotes a healthier-looking complexion!