What You Need to Know About Skin Cycling

If you are looking to up your skincare game, skin cycling may be the answer to all your questions! This popular skincare technique has been taking over Tik Tok, and for good reason. In this blog, we are going to go through the ins and outs of skin cycling and why it may be helpful for your skin.

What is Skin Cycling?

Before going into which products we should be using, why we should be using them, and what order we should use them in, let’s go through the basics. The basis of skin cycling is balancing your skin with “active nights” and “recovery nights” regarding your skincare routine. Skin cycling runs on a four-night schedule: an exfoliation night, a retinoid night, a recovery night, a recovery night, and repeat! So how do you begin the four-night skin cycling cycle and which skin care products do you use?

Night 1: Exfoliate

Begin your skin cycling routine with exfoliating the skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells to help skin feel smoother and softer. You can exfoliate with physical exfoliants or chemical exfoliants.

  • Recommended: Exfoliate with Pure Enzymes
  • Pure Enzymes is a Cranberry Exfoliating Mask that is formulated with antioxidants such as

L-Lactic Acid and Cranberry Enzymes to help gently exfoliate away dead skin to reveal a softer, more radiant-looking complexion. This mask is intended to be used two times weekly, making it a perfect addition into your skin cycling routine. See why Dr. King loves and recommends Pure Enzymes below:


“Pure Enzymes contains a combination of Fruit Enzymes, Gluconolactone and Lactic Acid, which offers a great exfoliation option for more sensitive or dry skin types.

  • Alternative: Purity Detox Scrub
  • As an alternative to Pure Enzymes, we recommend Purity. Purity is a cocktail of gentle physical exfoliators combined with Salicylic Acid to cleanse the skin and polish away daily imperfections. As Poppy Seeds, Jojoba Beads and Date Seeds scrub away dead skin and impurities, Salicylic Acid helps provide intensive renewal for an all-around smoother, clearer look and feel.

    Night 2: Retinoid

    A retinol should be applied on day two of your skin cycling routine. Using a Retinol helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can also help fade dark spots and smooth the texture on the skin. Retinoids can be harsh on the skin if you use too much too frequently, which is why it’s important to adjust your skin to a Retinol to help avoid drying out the skin.

    • Recommended: Refine Refinishing Treatment
    • Refine is formulated with AGP Retinol Complex that includes 0.5% Retinol and key Amino Acids. This Refinishing Treatment helps refine and visibly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and blemishes by improving exfoliation. See why Dr. King recommends using Refine as your Retinol below:

    “Retinol increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen production, decreases discoloration, and makes dead skin cells less likely to clump together to clog pores. Refine also contains Sodium Lactate to exfoliate and hydrate, and Sodium Hyaluronate, to hydrate. This combination is great for anti-aging and treating sun-damaged skin.”

    • Alternative: Serum 16 Rapid Renewal Serum
    • As an alternative to Refine, we recommend Serum 16. Serum 16 features hydrators coupled with Retinol to address signs of aging while protecting the skin's moisture barrier function. This innovative formula helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, smooth wrinkles, and boost moisture without causing redness, dryness, or irritation.

    Night 3 and 4: Recovery

    For nights three and four, we are focusing on hydrating and moisturizing the skin as well as trying to repair your skin barrier. We like to do this with a soothing, reparative hydrating moisturizer.

    • Recommended: Humidify
    • Humidify is a Deep Moisture Cream that helps to deliver vital hydration to the skin while also boosting the skin’s barrier function to help protect against dehydration. Humidify is formulated with conditioning ingredients such as Shea Butter, Colloidal Oatmeal, and Trehalose to help lock in moisture while helping to soothe and hydrate the skin. Dr. King recommends using Humidify as your night 3 and 4 recovery moisturizer and says:

    “Humidify Deep Moisture & Firming Hydrator contains the perfect moisturizing combination of humectants like Glycerin and Trehalose to hydrate, emollients like Jojoba Seed Oil and Triglycerides to support the skin barrier, and occlusives like Shea Butter (which also has emollient properties) to lock in moisture.”

    • Alternative: Emulsion Intense Hydrator
    • As an alternative to Humidify, we recommend Emulsion. Emulsion Intense Hydrator is a silky-smooth face moisturizing cream that helps hydrate and replenish dry skin for total moisture restoration and a healthy-looking glow. Emulsion is formulated with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to help restore balance to dry skin while moisture-locking Liquid Crystal Technology helps to condition skin and protect against environmental stressors.

    To learn more about bestselling COSMEDIX skincare products to implement into your skin cycling skincare routine to work best with your specific skin type, head to COSMEDIX.com