Is Jade The Secret To Better Skin?

We’re always looking for the holy grail of skincare. A quick look at history made us realized that we may have overlooked something that has been cooling, tightening and depuffing skin for hundreds of years. The jade roller has been used in Chinese beauty regimens dating back to the 7th century. This gemstone’s metaphysical properties are said to promote the healing process and help balance the senses to attract good health, wealth and prosperity. Physically, the strong emerald-hued stone helps to aid in the removal of toxins and fluid build up by simply pressing it against the skin. Throughout beauty history, the jade roller has been the mechanical equivalent of the high-tech tool we use today. It’s again trending and being used in facial treatments around the world.  You can easily incorporate this wildly popular and accessible little tool into your daily home care regimens.

Here is how you can use a jade roller:
For the eyes: Lymphatic drainage can build up around the eyes causing them to look stressed and tired. When you pair the jade roller with an eye serum like Eye Genius for dark circles and puffiness or Opti Crystal for dryness, lines and wrinkles, the eyes receive an instant wakeup call. Start by applying the directed amount of eye serum to the small end of the roller. Smooth the product onto the eye area with small upward strokes and a tiny bit of pressure. This will help disperse the unwanted fluid buildup, soothe and depuff the eye area.
Pro Tip: Pop the jade roller in the fridge for a cooling massage to depuff overnight swelling.
For the face: By using a jade roller to apply skincare to the face, more product is absorbed into the face instead of into your hands. Plus, by using the jade roller, your serums are pressed into the skin for better absorption and evenly distributed all over the face for even results. Try it with Affirm, COSMEDIX’s antioxidant-rich firming serum. Simply add the desired amount to the jade roller and apply to the skin in an upward motion. Ensure skin has properly absorbed the serum before applying moisturizer.
For the body: Just like a good message, the jade roller helps release tension in the body. The gentle pressure and upward motion helps to promote circulation which helps plump and firm skin naturally. The jade roller is perfect for a neck and décolleté product such as Illuminate and Lift. Using the wide end of the jade roller, gently roll it onto the neck and chest for a smoother, lifted look.

For more details on how to use a jade roller,  check out the video link here!