Everything You Need to Know About Our Elite Skincare Line

Introducing our Elite Skincare Line, a line of professional clinical-grade products that were formerly only available in spas with certified aestheticians. Now, you can have access to higher levels of ingredients with more concentrated formulas so you can have spa like results from the comfort of your home. To learn more about what our Elite line has to offer, and which Elite products are right for you, keep on reading!

Let’s Start with the Basics

Before we dive into the differences between the Elite line and the original COSMEDIX line, let’s start from the beginning. The COSMEDIX Elite lineup is a collection of professional, clinical-level products that were created to be used in spas by certified aestheticians and contain higher levels of ingredients for more dramatic-looking results. Because of the higher levels of clinical-level ingredients, we originally had the Elite line exclusively in spas to be discussed with professionals. However, as the skincare community has progressed with increased interest in ingredients, we decided to release the Elite line on our website for everyone to enjoy.  

How Can I Implement Elite Products Into My Routine?

When using products from our Elite line, it is recommended that you ease into the use of the Elite products. While you may use some of your regular COSMEDIX products every day, it may be best to slowly incorporate Elite products into your skincare regimen due to the clinical-level ingredients. For example, if you have been using Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum every day and decide to upgrade to X-Cell+ Brightening Serum Featuring LG-Retinex, we do not suggest that you immediately replace Revert with X-Cell+ due to the strong ingredients. Instead, use X-Cell+ every 2-3 days until your skin develops a tolerance. This process applies to most, if not all of the products in our Elite line.


What Products Should I Use?

Anyone can use a product from our Elite line with the right preparation! A few of our Elite products fall into specific categories to address particular skincare concerns, such as…

  • Pre/Post Spa Treatment

Being that the Elite line used to exclusively be available in spas, several of the products are catered to pre/post facial treatment care. Some of our favorite Elite products to use with spa treatments include:

  • REDuce Soothing Relief Serum: An uber-moisturizing serum that helps repair, soothe, and restore moisture to problem-prone skin while reducing visible signs of redness.
  • Relief Soothing Peptide Gel: A water-based, soothing serum infused with a moisture-locking sodium hyaluronate gel that delivers instant hydration and relief to dry, sensitive or post-procedural skin.
  • Aging Skin

Another group who would benefit from the Elite line are those who are looking for products to help with aging skin. Due to the clinical-level ingredients, several Elite products have more potent ingredients which often results in next level results. Some of the products to help with aging in the Elite lineup include:

  • Revive and Renew Renewal Boosting Serum: an ultra-conditioning serum with 3 plant-derived growth factors that visibly help reduce signs of aging, deeply moisturize, and help rejuvenate the look of dull, lackluster skin for a healthier-looking, radiant glow.
  • X-Age Moisturizer with Encapsulated Vitamin A for Aging Skin: An age-defying moisturizer loaded with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients to help improve the skin's appearance and reduce the visible signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dullness

If your skin is in need of some serious exfoliation, the Elite Line has the perfect products to help you meet your skincare goals. Some of our favorite skincare products to help with dullness are:

  • RX Clean Exfoliating Cleanser with 10% Lactic Acid: An exfoliating cleanser designed to remove oil and impurities for softer, even-looking skin. Immediate improvement in skin texture is often seen after single use.
  • Awaken Replenishing Gel Mask: A luxe mask with moisture-locking ingredients that gently exfoliate dry skin and help protect your complexion against environmental stressors, like pollution, leaving skin feeling smoother and tighter-looking.


To shop our entire Elite product lineup, as well as other bestselling skincare to take the next step on your skincare journey, head to cosmedix.com to see what we have to offer!